It's Ice Cream who hasn't posted in ages. I'm so sorry, I expect I'll probably only be posting on the weekends now, but I'll try to get something short in. I've been literally spending hours on my homework, (ask Silver if you don't believe me), and I've got so much to do this weekend itself. I can't believe how much work we've been having already! But the 10th grade has been lots of fun. I can take my permit test too, since my birthday passed a while ago, but I haven't started studying for that yet, so I'm not sure when I'll be taking it. I've noticed we haven't been getting a lot of comments lately, although we'e got tons of visitors, so really guys, please comment, it would be awesome! 
~Ice Cream Out! 

Hello Moonstones! Sorry that I haven't posted in a while(by the way, I'm Fluffy). Its not that I have been avoiding, its just that I never have the time. I know its a bad excuse but I have been a little too busy to get on and post. My summer online class ended on 13 and I had some other programs to get done after class ended. Wow, it feels like forever. Its sad that us four moonstones haven't gotten time to hang out either. Ugh, I hate this summer! Oh well, next year, we are going to be SOPHOMORES!! I know its useless information for you guys, but its exciting(well, at least me). Anyway, My other page(Silently Chic) will be updated soon. There was actually supposed to be a few dresses up near the end of June, but because of technical difficulties, it was never posted up. I tried very hard to get to the computer to finish my job, but I couldn't. Curse my dance teacher >;(. I'm very sorry for the long wait, but it will be up by the end of this month. Actually, I lost the whole file for the end of June post. I know, curse me :'(. So, I'm typing up two posts(one of June and one of July). Also, I can't keep my promise for posting weekly on that page, so it will be a monthly thing. So many excuses, I know, but life is hard sometimes. Anyway, time for some juicy news.
Sorry, I don't have any because I have a very boring life and I'm very bad at collecting the latest news. My apologies. But, I'm hoping that Ice Cream, Lily, Silver, and I meet up soon to post about something new. Well then, Ciao until then!
Love ya,
Fluffy Puppy!
P.S. I saw the Dark Night Rising, anyone else see it? I got really scared to go at first because of the Colorado shooting but I came back home safely! Yay! But, to all the families who had to suffer through pain, I pray for you and the loved ones who left to hang out with god a little early. R.I.P.
P.P.S. Sorry for ending the post a little sadly, but I was really sad in hearing the news. I cried to myself and I felt like I needed to share the news. Again, Sorry for the ending.
But I hope this picture rises your heart :')




    Hi everyone, it's Lily. I know I haven't posted in a while, and it really is because I don't have much to post. This summer has been really different than past ones, because of some changes. (Obviously.)
    I am trying to do my summer homework, but it's so frustrating. Currently, I am taking notes on A History of the World in Six Glasses. It's actually quite interesting, but taking notes on it is awful because it's full of information and I have urges to write down every detail. And I do.
    My sister has this amazing book of crafts you can do with paper. We made a pencil cup from it, and it looks amazing! You can see it on our Instagram and Twitter. Please comment if you would like me to do a tutorial!
    Speaking of comments, I think there's a glitch in Weebly. According to the unique visitors graph, we have had a thousand visitors several days this month. I don't think that's possible, because NO ONE COMMENTS! So, thousand visitors, if you really are there, COMMENT!
    I really have nothing else to say. So bye.
    Parfait is sundae in French. In American English, it means a weird combination of fruit, yogurt, and granola.
Hi, I guess you can tell from the title its Ice Cream who hasn't posted for a really long time. So, as you know I'm currently on vacation in India at the moment. Its been really nice seeing all of my relatives after a long time and catching up with them. But of course catching up with them, has also made me fall behind on my school homework. But you probably already knew that I'm a procrastinator. I'm pretty sure the other moonstones haven't gotten much of their holiday work done either. Its always like this when it comes to long-term assignments, such as summer hw isn't it? We plan and plan to have a bit done each day so we don't have to do it all last minute, but then we find ourselves putting off a bit each day saying that its only a little and that we can finish it up later, seeing as there is so much time left. Either way, it all gets done last minute. To make it worse, my cousin got me hooked on Inuyasha, which is this anime I've been watching. I'm not really a big anime or manga freak but some of you probably are so you probably know about it. Sorry this is such a short post, but my mother's been trying to get me to do my hw as well, so I'll have to get to it soon, (but we all know I'll only do a bit today and end up getting distracted somehow.) Wish me luck!
~Ice Cream Out!

Hi guys, Silver here. Did you miss me? It's been a while since my last post, but I've been pretty busy here. I'll type more on that particular subject a little bit later. In case you were wondering from Lily's last post, yes, I did have this weird dream where Lily, Ice Cream, Fluffy and I were standing on each others' shoulders and yelling about income tax. I've had A LOT of strange dreams, and that one is just the tip of the iceberg. I suppose y'all are pretty familiar with our personalities by now, so you can just chalk it up to Silver being Silver. Have you guys seen the Avengers movie? If not, I strongly recommend that you do because it's an AMAZING movie, and you'll like it even if you're not much of a fan of superhero movies. The Avengers is full of action, but there's still quite a bit of comedy. I can't wait for the DVD/Blu-ray to come out so that I can watch it anytime. I'm not a huge fan of Marvel, other than the Iron Man films, but there's no denying that the Avengers is one of the must-watch movies of the summer. In fact, the movie was so good that it inspired me to become part of the Avengers fandom. You can check my fanfiction profile (there's a link to it on the Short Stories page) if you're interested. If you read fanfiction, I seriously recommend checking out the Avengers archive because the stories are really well written and majority of them fall under the K - T (which are the fanfiction terms for G to PG-13) ratings. I'm also going to try to update my other fanfictions, but it might take some time because I want to write a few chapters before I post them so that I can update faster. I'm also working on some paper dolls at the moment, but I'm still not sure about when I'll be able to post them. Sorry to say, anything I post will be in black and white because I didn't bring any color pencils with me on vacation. The Lily-inspired doll I was working on hasn't been colored either, so it's up to Lily to decide whether she wants it posted in black and white first, and have me color it when I get back home or if she wants to me wait until I get home to color it and then post it. I'm not going to give away too many details about Lily's doll because I want to surprise her, but I will let you know that the outfits I drew were inspired by vintage fashion. I'm feeling pretty inspired to write at the moment, so you can look forward to some new short stories and fanfictions. Oh, and one more thing! In case you haven't realized already, the title to this post is, once again, a song reference, although not to the Beatles. Instead, I chose to use a song by Queen as the title. Queen is a famous British rock band, and I'm a HUGE fan of their one-of-a-kind musical style. Although Don't Stop Me Now isn't my favorite song by Queen (that would be Bohemian Rhapsody), it's still a pretty amazing song.
Here's the video (with lyrics):
I suppose that's all I really have to say. 

Hasta Pronto!
<3 Silver

    Hi everyone, it's Lily! I will explain why everyone but me has posted below. Right now, I will explain why this post is so weird and disorganized. I typed the bottom part of this post downstairs, on my iPod. I would have downloaded Weebly for iPhone, but our Apple account is asking us to answer security questions, and we've never got around to doing it. My laptop, the one I am typing on right now, came out of a coma a while back, but will never be the same again. It does not work unless it is plugged in, and it is probably nearing the end of its life. And I wasn't really using it much.
    I meant to post what I had typed downstairs (You may like to know that I am currently upstairs.) a few days ago, but I got sick. You probably don't understand how momentous this is. I haven't been this sick in probably three years. Well, at least during the school year. I know that because I left school once for sickness in seventh grade, but I wasn't really that sick, I just wanted to go home... seventh grade is a long story. Don't ask.
    My sister was sick first. She had probably the same thing I have now, but she tends to get sick kind of often. I'm not sure why. So it wasn't as unusual. Right after she recovered, I got sick. With the exact thing she had. I am not kidding. Almost exactly the same symptoms. Yesterday, I was really cold and had a really bad headache. This morning, I wasn't as bad, but I was still really cold... why am I typing all this? You probably don't even care. But I have to finish what I start, right? I was better about mid-afternoon, but then my head started hurting again, and then I fell asleep and had really crazy dreams where I paid for a movie with bobby pins. (Don't ask. It's not that crazy compared to some of Silver's, where apparently we all yell about income tax.) And then I felt like I was holding things that kept changing shape... it was weird. My hands were really red. And I was having the most random thoughts. Ugh.
    (By the way Silver, the new Weebly layout is pretty cool. It incorporates more code, I think, which means we might be able to personalize the site more. At least it autosaves. I have had some bad experiences with that.)
    Nexxus Split End Binding Shampoo Stuff does not work. I sort of did this experiment- it doesn't work. It doesn't even make the split ends stick- it just makes them come together so they don't look like split ends. Liars. I wasn't expecting it to work, but I was expecting more than this. As for why I got it in the first place? Ask Silver.
    I am going to go now. You can read what I wrote a few days ago below, under the divider. By the way, I've been watching Switched at Birth and Jane By Design lately. I was also watching Make It Or Break It, but I think I started watching just before the last episode aired. You can watch full episodes on ABC Family's website. Normally I'd include a link, but I really don't want to right now. Bye!

P.S. (Which stands for postscript) I am thinking about actually writing Crystal Waves. Search for it in the search bar. If it works.

Hello, everyone, it's Lily. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, and that's kind if hypocritical of me, because I've been pushing everyone else to post. But I really have nothing to blog about- I've barely done anything this summer. I did go to Arizona, but it was just for a couple of days. My cousin had a baby (who is the cutest thing ever) and we went to see them. We also went to the Grand Canyon- for a day. Maybe I'll show you some pictures later.  My grandparents came over. I've been trying to learn how to crochet, and while I am struggling with a single crochet stitch, my grandma has crocheted a scarf with little holes that spell out my name. It's so amazing.  I have been wanting to redecorate my room for a while now. I should really say "decorate," not "redecorate," because my room is not really decorated right now. Unless you consider some well-placed glow-in-the-dark stars and a few Harry Potter posters to be decorations. I don't. I have watched a couple room tours on YouTube, and I really, really want to decorate.  My room is really small. Like my-queen-bed-takes-up-half-of-it small. I don't know why. Everything except the bedrooms (excluding the master bedroom, where one could possibly raise a whale) is really large and airy. I guess there just wasn't enough space. I don't really spend very much time in my room, but I might if it looked the way I wanted it to. If this ever happens, I'll show you pictures. Maybe I'll even do a room tour video.           ;)               -Lily
Hi guys, Silver here! It's been awhile, but I finally got around to posting. Because of my extremely long absence from the site, I'm going to make this post REALLY long to make it up to y'all. Well, here goes nothing! Summer's been great so far, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Siriusly. I have to get some summer homework done for my 10th grade Honors Lit. class as well as for my AP World History class. I have to read How to Read Literature Like a Professor, by Thomas Foster (which is pretty good, by the way), and apply what I learn from the book to annotate the second book, Dracula, by Bram Stoker. For AP World History, I have to read A History of the World in 6 Glasses, by Tom Standage, and answer several questions about it in paragraph form... To top it all off, my mom is making me learn TRIGONOMETRY, of all things. For those who don't know, Trigonometry is an entire branch of mathematics devoted to the study of right angled triangles. The guy who thought that up had WAY too much free time... Trigonometry itself has been pretty easy so far, though, so no complaints about that. Some people might think I'm crazy, but I LOVE math! I suppose I get it from my parents... (I meant the love of math, not the craziness; no one really knows where I got that...). I don't mind doing any sort of work over the summer because I get bored pretty easily, but what bothers me is that I have to take all my work (even the math) on vacation (to California) with me. Even though I'm going to be gone for around 4 weeks, I should still have enough time to post because I'm pretty sure we'll have an internet connection. I'm really looking forward to visiting Disney Land! Anyways, what do you guys think about the site decorations? I personally LOVE them. They have a really cool summer beach-y vibe to them, which I'm sure is exactly what Ice Cream was going for. In her latest post, she mentioned the song Bohemian Rhapsody, which was done by one of my most favorite bands, Queen! I LOVE their music, and Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my favorite songs. Here's a fun fact: Bohemian Rhapsody, considered by many to be the best song done by Queen, was actually written to be a mock-opera. The song has no chorus, instead consisting of three main parts: a ballad segment ending with a guitar solo, an operatic passage, and a hard rock section. It still remains one of the most elaborate recordings in musical history. Since I tend to listen to a lot of music from the 1960s to the 1990s era (as you can see by my allusions to the Beatles through the titles of some of my blog posts), bands like Queen are right up my alley, or so to speak. This time, I decided to reference "Let It Be" which is the 12th and final studio album released by the Beatles after the band announced that they were splitting up in 1970. Most of the "Let It Be" album was recorded in the January of 1969, before the Beatles started recording "Abbey Road", but it was shelved, redone and released after "Abbey Road". Safe to say, I am absolutely OBSESSED with music, well, only the good kind... In completely unrelated news, I got a summer job! Since I'm still 14 an will remain 14 until the February of next year and am not eligible to apply for a job in accordance with state labour laws, I got a job as a tutor! Yes, you heard (well, read...) me correctly! I tutor the sons of some of our family friends in writing to help them both do well on the 5th grade writing assessment. It's pretty easy, so I'm glad that I don't have to work for minimum wage at Kroger or something, not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that bagging groceries doesn't really appeal to me. In other news, I've been working on the paper doll inspired by Lily, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I won't give too much away about the outfits just yet, though, but all I'll say is that I'm sure that Lily would wear that sort of clothing in real life. I have one of the outfits drawn so far, but I'm still working on the other one. I'm pretty excited about the doll, and it should be up sometime next week at the earliest. I would attempt to post it somewhat earlier, but the fact remains that I'm having some issues with the image manipulation programs that I use to edit the quality of the images. I also don't have a scanner, so I just make do with the camera on my MacBook Pro. Thankfully, the camera is of decent quality, so there's not a lot that needs to be accomplished through photo editing software. I'm ashamed to say this, but I finally understood why my parents forbid that I take drinks (other than water) into my bedroom. I was drinking some coca-cola as I was browsing on my Mac, and I accidentally spilled the soda all over the keyboard. Since MacBooks are built a certain way, they don't react well to moisture. Thankfully, I got the majority of the moisture off by tilting the laptop sideways to that the soda would drain, and I used my hairdryer to get rid of any remaining moisture. Luck must have been on my side, because when I turned the laptop back on, it worked! Granted, it did take 3 tries... The good news is that my laptop is working normally again! I really didn't want to explain to my parents why my laptop wouldn't turn on. As those of you who own any sort of Apple product most likely know, all Apple products come with a 1 year warranty, but it doesn't include any sort of water damage. I really dodged a bullet this time... I have some more news! I went to see my doctor sometime in late May, and after I told her that I had difficulty falling asleep, she prescribed me some melatonin supplements! Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical produced by the brain to help induce sleep, for those who were wondering. The first 2 times I used the supplements resulting in me being lucid in my sleep, meaning that my body was asleep, but my brain was not. It was a pretty odd feeling, but it subsided as I continued using the pills. I generally take them every night because they help me fall into a deep sleep. I can fall asleep without the pills too, but I have to exercise sometime to tire myself out or sleep will evade me for the night. My doctor said that with the melatonin pills, there would be no possibility that I would be addicted to them or develop a tolerance for them at all, or else she wouldn't have suggested that I start using them. My parents are more than happy with the effects that the pills have on me at night because I've always been the night owl of the family. The one odd thing I've been noticing lately is that I wake up at about 2 or 3 A.M. because my stomach is growling, and I can't get back to sleep unless I've eaten something. Since I'm entirely too lazy to get up and go downstairs for a snack, I've taken some sort of snack (it varies depending on my mood) by my bedside, along with a water bottle. The melatonin pills are starting to kick in and it's getting pretty late, so I guess it's time to call it a night. I promise I'll update soon, though, and you can definitely look forward to new posts on the Paper Dolls, Short Stories and Silently Chic pages. I hope I've made it up to y'all with the super long post!
Hasta la Vista!
<3 Silver
P.S. Do you like the colors?
HELLO!!!!!!!!! Long time, no blog :( Sorry from Fluffy to our amazing visitors. Anyway, How is everyone's summer? Yes, I have been out for a while and I never got a chance to update my silently chic page.I thought it was kinda funny that there was a poll about the page.I wonder who the person was who said that we have to wait a little.I guess we did have to wait a little. Well, the plan succeeded.It has been a while since summer started, and I bet everyone is having a bunch of fun! Unlike you are like me, taking summer classes. Basically, summer for me was only for 2 weeks since school ended!Yes, my summer online class (that I probably forgot to mention before) started, and it will end on June 13.I'll still have a few weeks after the class ends, but I would like the whole summer to rest for SOPHMORE YEAR!!!! Even with that aside, that's not the only thing on my plate for summer :(I'm still taking dance classes and my teacher told me that we have a huge performance coming up!AHHHH!! Apparently, there will be popular stars there also! I hope everything goes good for me, wish me luck!! ^.^
What about you guys??I know I always ask, but I never get replies :'( I know that it is creepy to ask like that, but sometimes, it seems like I'm blabbing and everyone is quietly listening because they have to.Well, I wish you guys would tell us more about yourselves through the comments, so that this would be a website where not only us, the Moonstones, but also the viewers can participate!I hope to hear from you guys!!!
*ruff* ^.^
 Hello, yes I have started the paragraph with a random title. It's not completely unrelated; I was listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody just now, a song I love very much simply because of its randomness. If you haven't heard this song, you should listen to it below. So summertime is finally here, I plan on spending two months with my relatives in an unnamed foreign country. I will take pictures, and (maybe, still not sure) share a few on the website. Although I would like to stay here this summer, I am still pretty excited for my vacation. I'll be leaving Friday so I'll post again tommorow, and the next time will be unknown.
~Ice Cream Out!
But I'm Just a Poor Boy and Nobody loves me...

    No no, don't worry, I'm not leaving you. I'm talking about my freaking blog for school, which I'm sure I've talked about before. I just finished my final graded blog and comments today. I won't tell you the url yet. I did, however, put the url of this blog on my other blog. It's on Wordpress.
    I just read one of my blogs from last year, about a year and three days ago (closest I could find to today.) I was such a silly little kid. If you've been with us that long, have you noticed any difference then to now? Our personalities, writing style? I know for one thing I actually type the ellipsis properly now (long story.)
    Silver's a liar. Her hair is not 3A, it's most definitely 3B. I would know- I spent most of seventh grade pulling it and saying, "Boing." (Ramona reference, anyone?) Mine is 2A, for the record.
    By the way, Silv, you do not need to put a disclaimer about me in every one of your posts.
    I'm so excited about Weebly for iPhone! Now I can post anywhere I have internet access and my iPod.
    I am currently making a vlog, but I'm having some difficulties. I lost my camera's charger, so I've been using my iPod while I search for it. The quality is awful and the sound is awful. Any tips?
    I'm also obsessing over my "new" label maker. We got it a year or so ago and put it away somewhere, and I recently dug it up and put in the batteries. It's completely, totally, unnecessary, but really cool. I have a video of it printing.
    I will do a DIY Harry Potter wand video soon. Also, we have a little SECRET. First person to figure it out gets a prize! It's not as mysterious as the dark side of the MOON. (No, I am not starring in a production of Mulan.) But the last paragraph should have set you on the TRAIL. Just in case you haven't been with us long enough to figure out, a link is hidden somewhere in this video. Things may not be what they seem...
    - Ciao, Lily