No no, don't worry, I'm not leaving you. I'm talking about my freaking blog for school, which I'm sure I've talked about before. I just finished my final graded blog and comments today. I won't tell you the url yet. I did, however, put the url of this blog on my other blog. It's on Wordpress.
    I just read one of my blogs from last year, about a year and three days ago (closest I could find to today.) I was such a silly little kid. If you've been with us that long, have you noticed any difference then to now? Our personalities, writing style? I know for one thing I actually type the ellipsis properly now (long story.)
    Silver's a liar. Her hair is not 3A, it's most definitely 3B. I would know- I spent most of seventh grade pulling it and saying, "Boing." (Ramona reference, anyone?) Mine is 2A, for the record.
    By the way, Silv, you do not need to put a disclaimer about me in every one of your posts.
    I'm so excited about Weebly for iPhone! Now I can post anywhere I have internet access and my iPod.
    I am currently making a vlog, but I'm having some difficulties. I lost my camera's charger, so I've been using my iPod while I search for it. The quality is awful and the sound is awful. Any tips?
    I'm also obsessing over my "new" label maker. We got it a year or so ago and put it away somewhere, and I recently dug it up and put in the batteries. It's completely, totally, unnecessary, but really cool. I have a video of it printing.
    I will do a DIY Harry Potter wand video soon. Also, we have a little SECRET. First person to figure it out gets a prize! It's not as mysterious as the dark side of the MOON. (No, I am not starring in a production of Mulan.) But the last paragraph should have set you on the TRAIL. Just in case you haven't been with us long enough to figure out, a link is hidden somewhere in this video. Things may not be what they seem...
    - Ciao, Lily

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