HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is now January 1st, 2012! YAY!! Hello ladies and gentlemen, it's Silver, and I am finally back from my break with the family; I thought the torture would never end! I'm just kidding; I love my family. Anyways, it's a new year, and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck. How did you guys welcome the new year? My little brother and I watched the first Harry Potter movie until midnight while my parents went to sleep; we woke them up at midnight by jumping on their beds, though. I hope that y'all have had a fun winter break as well. Sorry about the extremely short post; it's 12:30 A.M. and I'm really tired. *Yawns* So tired....Must sleep...
Lots of Love and Best Wishes!
Hello people, Silver is here once more! Yaay! Aren't y'all excited? Anyways, I'm sorry that I didn't post on Christmas: my parents said that Christmas is a time for family, and they wouldn't let me use the Internet. I hope your holidays went well this year. I wanted to let you all know that my family decided to go on vacation this year, and we'll be leaving at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow, so I won't be able to post much for the next 3 days. I promise I'll post as soon as we get back, and you can definitely look froward to entries on our new travel blog. Thanks guys.
HASTA LUEGO! (Translation: See You Later)
<3 Silver
  Hi guys!  So, Lily and I were on vacation and were unable to post on the anniversary, but luckily Silver was able to post! (no I didn't forget to post), and now that we're back we will also update the travel blog so you can get all the details!  How was Christmas for ya'll? Mine was at the beach.  It didn't even feel holidayish and we almost forgot it was Christmas!  I'm glad to finally be enjoying our vacation and now I'm looking forward to kicking back and relaxing.  Check the travel blog soon for a vacay update!
~Ice Cream out!

Hello again people! (It looks like I really do have the time to post every day!). If you haven't already figured out who it is, you can probably guess from reading the previous blog post (and all the crazy colors!). Okay, okay, I'll tell you! IT'S SILVER!!! You know you missed me; don't lie to yourselves. I love Winter Break! I have been reading A LOT and I have come across some really great books, which I will make a list of somewhere on this site, and you can look it up if you're interested. If you haven't realized from the lack of posts, my fellow Moonstones have gone on vacation; I will too, but my family is leaving on Wednesday. Looks like we'll finally have an occasion to use the new travel blog Lily put up! Back to the topic of this blog, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! As in, the wonderful day before Christmas; aren't you excited?! Well, you should be because SANTA CLAUS is coming TONIGHT!! To all those people who're thinking that I'm crazy, the following statement will not help my case. SANTA CLAUS IS REAL! REAL, I TELL YOU, REAL!!!!!! Just kidding, or am I? You'll never know ;) MWAHAHAHA!
<3 Silver Star
Hello all people reading this post, it's Silver! You know you love me... Anyways, as you probably guessed from the title, today is the official 1st anniversary of Silent Moonstone!!! Lily, Ice Cream, Fluffy, and I have had a lot of fun on this website, and I sincerely hope that you were amused by our crazy antics as well. Looking back on it, the name for the website was thought up by Ice Cream when she was yelling at us in gym class, and it was Lily's brilliant idea to start the website, and  Fluffy and I helped her create the various parts of it. I still can't believe how many friends we've made through this site, and we, the Moonstones, would like to thank you guys so much for making our website what it is today. Out of gratitude for my fellow Moonstones and you guys, I am making a resolution to post every other day, or every day if possible, and you can certainly look forward to more input from the other Moonstones as well, now that it's Winter Break. Thanks so much for reading this super-long post, and, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILENT MOONSTONE!
- Hasta Pronto! (Translation: See You Soon!)
<3 Silver
Hi guys, Silver here! Sorry it's been a really long time since I've last posted; I've been so busy studying for finals and writing term papers and the like. Today is the last day of finals, and after today, I'll be at home for winter break. I'm trying to get  4 dolls that represent each of the 4 Moonstones drawn by tomorrow because it's a really special occasion for all of us at Silent Moonstone. I'm not going to tell you what tomorrow is yet; I'll let you leave your guesses in the comments, and I will confirm them in my next blog post, which should be Saturday morning. Anyways, the holiday season is finally upon us! I'm so excited! You guys have a lot to look forward to over the break; I know Lily and Ice Cream are planning something, but they won't tell me :( I'll let you all in on a little secret (shh! Don't tell Lily, Fluffy or Ice Cream! It's a surprise!). Here it is: I am planning to get the first chapter of my story on the website by tomorrow. I have to go; I'll try to post more later. Happy Holidays to All! I hope you have a very Silent Moonstone Winter Break ;)
-Silver Star <3
  Holidays are near and its time to spread some cheer!  I've been listening to a lot of Kelly Clarkson lately and its also been super hectic studying for finals.  Its scary to think how much a single test can affect you.  Have you guys heard about Wizards ending?  I'll be sad but I honestly don't think they can continue any longer.  The last season has been a bit, er, bad, but I hope the finale will be good.  There's also two new shows,"Austin and Ally" and "Jessie".  Debby Ryan from Suite Life is the lead in Jessie, and one of the leads in Austin and Ally is Vanessa Marano's sister.  (Vanessa is Bay in "Switched at Birth" and was Layne in the clique movie!)  Anyways, Jessie is ok... and Austin and Ally is alright too, but I'm seriously hoping Disney manages to put out better stuff.
~Ice Cream Out!
Hey fellow bloggers and blog readers, just want to let you know about our new travel blog.  Obviously, we haven't posted anything because we need to do some traveling, but there will be new reads up soon.  Lily is reading info online about our vacation.  I've been to a bunch of places, but there are some I can't remember because I was so small. 
Out of the country:
India(Can remember)
Canada(Can remember)
New Zealand
In Country:
New York
North Carolina
Washington D.C.

That's all, happy birthday to Taylor Swift, p.s ( learned this from my bro). 
  If you don't know Tin Tin, shame on you. (jk! well, sort of). 
Anyways, Tin Tin is an awesome reporter who has all these daring adventures with his hilarious friends: his awesome dog Snowy, the crazy Captain Haddock, the hearing-impaired professor Calculus, and the foolish detectives Thompson and Thomson.  There are more characters, but these are the main ones.  Yea, I know there aren't many girls in the series, there's only one that appears regularly and she's kind of annoying, but these comics (yes they're comics) are still really good.  I'd recommend getting your hands on them.  If you can't here's the link to read them online. (About link: only books 1-24 are by the original author.) So like I said, he only made 24 comics, and the last one was never completed due to his death (Yes, very sad).  There was also a cartoon and "The Adventures of Tintin" (which is the official name), was translated into many languages.  The creator, was a Belgian man, who went by the pen name Herge. 
  The reason I'm gushing about Tin tin specifically now, is that the movie is coming out soon!  But this can't be considered the true theatrical release, as the movie was released around a month earlier in MANY countries(not fair!).  I'm truly devastated about my long wait.  I'm also sad that there's no one in school who fully appreciates Tin tin like I do, (tons of kids had never even heard of it). 
I was more upset about the fact Professor Calculus was cut out of the film.  The movie is called the secret of the unicorn, which is also the name of one of the books, and Calculus isn't in it, but the movie includes some of the other books, one in which Calculus is introduced.  I think Herge would be disappointed. Well, I'm done with my rant.
Ciao for now!
~Ice Cream Out!