Hello, yes I have started the paragraph with a random title. It's not completely unrelated; I was listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody just now, a song I love very much simply because of its randomness. If you haven't heard this song, you should listen to it below. So summertime is finally here, I plan on spending two months with my relatives in an unnamed foreign country. I will take pictures, and (maybe, still not sure) share a few on the website. Although I would like to stay here this summer, I am still pretty excited for my vacation. I'll be leaving Friday so I'll post again tommorow, and the next time will be unknown.
~Ice Cream Out!
But I'm Just a Poor Boy and Nobody loves me...

    No no, don't worry, I'm not leaving you. I'm talking about my freaking blog for school, which I'm sure I've talked about before. I just finished my final graded blog and comments today. I won't tell you the url yet. I did, however, put the url of this blog on my other blog. It's on Wordpress.
    I just read one of my blogs from last year, about a year and three days ago (closest I could find to today.) I was such a silly little kid. If you've been with us that long, have you noticed any difference then to now? Our personalities, writing style? I know for one thing I actually type the ellipsis properly now (long story.)
    Silver's a liar. Her hair is not 3A, it's most definitely 3B. I would know- I spent most of seventh grade pulling it and saying, "Boing." (Ramona reference, anyone?) Mine is 2A, for the record.
    By the way, Silv, you do not need to put a disclaimer about me in every one of your posts.
    I'm so excited about Weebly for iPhone! Now I can post anywhere I have internet access and my iPod.
    I am currently making a vlog, but I'm having some difficulties. I lost my camera's charger, so I've been using my iPod while I search for it. The quality is awful and the sound is awful. Any tips?
    I'm also obsessing over my "new" label maker. We got it a year or so ago and put it away somewhere, and I recently dug it up and put in the batteries. It's completely, totally, unnecessary, but really cool. I have a video of it printing.
    I will do a DIY Harry Potter wand video soon. Also, we have a little SECRET. First person to figure it out gets a prize! It's not as mysterious as the dark side of the MOON. (No, I am not starring in a production of Mulan.) But the last paragraph should have set you on the TRAIL. Just in case you haven't been with us long enough to figure out, a link is hidden somewhere in this video. Things may not be what they seem...
    - Ciao, Lily
Hey guys, I've been gone for ages, but I am very apologetic. Been busy studying for Final exams. So how has your week been guys? As school draws to a close, our childhood is slipping away from us as we speak, and we cling onto treasured  memories of the past, wondering what the future holds for us. Wow that sounded ridiculous didn't it? (Siriusly, I don't talk like that, but you already knew.) Do you like the theme this month? Silvy did it. Hehe. Anyways, we hope to make some vlogs soon; there was one but it was bad so it got deleted. I expect we'll be making better ones. Later gators.
~Ice Cream out!

Hello fellow procrastinators, this is Silver! Long time no type... Sorry about that, by the way; I was pretty occupied with the EOCTs (End of Course Tests). The good news is, they finally ended! NO MORE STUPID STANDARDIZED TESTS!!! We still have to take class finals, though... I'm really sorry about the lack of posts lately; we've all been so busy. I can make it up to y'all, though, because this post will be SUPER LONG to make up for the 2 weeks that I've been M.I.A. Lately, I've taken to drawing paper dolls inspired by my friends, and I've posted a doll that I drew for one of my crazy school friends on the Paper Dolls page. Check it out! I also promised to draw a paper doll that's inspired by Lily, and that should be up sometime this week, hopefully. I'm also drawing some other paper dolls, I won't reveal anything about the theme of those just yet. MWAHAHAHA!! SOme short stories are also in the works, but I'm not exactly sure about when I'll be able to put them up on the Short Stories page. On the bright side, I redid the site's decorations! Do you like it? I kept the font we used last month along with the theme, but I changed the color schemes and the pictures. I was really inspired by the various colors of tulips that I kept seeing near my school. My favorite tulips are the red and yellow ones on the Home page. Which ones do you like? The pictures for each page are different, so you have to explore the site to see all of them. I have another question for you guys: Do you think I should help Fluffy on the Silently Chic page? I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I'm just not sure about what to do... Lily, of course, is slightly against the idea because she didn't really want the page to begin with, but I'm not sure what to think. I do see Lily's point, though. I mean, the page does make us sound like airheads, and that's not what Silent Moonstone's about. If Lily happens to be reading this, I would just like to say that she is a very nice, sweet, caring and modest person. I'm also not just saying that because she will kill me otherwise. We love you, Lily! In other news, I have finally gotten around to using the Amazon gift card that Ice Cream gave me for my birthday! I wanted to buy a diffuser for my hair dryer because the lady at the salon said that it would help my me dry my hair better. I tend to let my hair air dry when possible, but I have to use a hair dryer when I'm in a rush. Anyways, I was looking on Amazon for a diffuser when my mom told me that my hair dryer had actually come with a diffuser. We spent about half-an-hour looking for it, and I finally found it in the packaging of my hair dryer. I can be so stupid at times... No comments, Lily! After that, I really wasn't sure what to buy. I might just end up buying a a curling iron... Meh... I'm still not sure... Enough about my indecisiveness! I also bought another shade of nail polish yesterday! It's a new shade from Sinful Colors called "Frenzy" and it's full of fuschia and blue glitter. I ADORE it! In other news, did you know that there are TYPES of wavy and curly hair? I just found out a few days ago! Here's a link to the site that a friend showed me. I have type 3A hair. Funny story: I actually didn't know I had curly hair until the end of 7th grade. Really! When I was little, I would never let my mom brush my hair, so she always kept my hair in a pixie cut, and I had a bob in the 1st and 3rd grade (skipped 2nd grade, in case you were wondering why it wasn't mentioned). I used to live with my aunt in from 3rd through 5th grade, and she'd have me brush out my hair until it was wavy. In the 6th and 7th grade, I grew my hair out, but I kept brushing it like I did with my aunt. One day, in the summer after 7th grade, I forgot to brush out my hair when it was wet, so it started to curl. I FREAKED OUT when I looked in the mirror, and my mom had to explain to me that that was the way my hair actually looked. True story. SIRIUSLY!! I told this story to Lily, and she just laughed at me... Well, I think I've done enough typing for now. Have I made it up to y'all yet? I hope so because the rest of my typing will be done on the Paper Dolls page in the post accompanying my newest paper doll, Rider. Check it out! 
That's All Folks!
<3 Silver
P.s. Did anyone get my Looney Tunes reference?
    I think I'm going senile. I started talking to my pancakes today.
    They weren't really pancakes- they're made of rice and lentil and whatever else my mother puts into it batter. Pancakes are really the best way to explain them, except you spread them out with a ladle on the griddle and... oh, never mind.
    Anyway, I asked them if I had put oil on them yet. I'm serious. Out loud. Well, in a whisper, because my mum was on the phone. But still. In my defense, they dry up and take forever to scrape off and don't taste that great if you don't, so it was an important question.
    It's probably the stress. We have EOCTs (End Of Course Tests) and I have a big project due on Friday that is impossible to finish last minute.
    I should go finish. But check out this website. It is incredibly awesome. I especially love the holder for charging your phone. Genius.

Make It And Love It
- Lily

P.S. Today's color scheme is repetitive, analogous, and pastel, for those of you who are also up to your eyebrows in work and have horrible headaches.  Also, I'm working on a vlog.