I really, really hate that title. It sounds so preppy and cliche-y for some reason.
    Anyway, it's Lily. I just felt like I should really post right now. Like right now. With all my piles of homework (I actually don't have that much, it just feels like a lot.)
    So, I've been watching these tutorials on Youtube by QueenBeeuty, who stopped making videos about a month ago. She has a lot of vlogs and DIY tutorials... yeah, her username is a bit misleading.
    Which leads me to the subject of this post: how would you like us to start doing DIY posts? I've been considering it for a while now. First it can be just me, and then maybe Silver. I don't think it's really Icy's thing, but she's welcome to join in, and Fluffy doesn't have the willpower to make a video. (But feel free to prove me wrong, Fluffy.)
    First I should probably find my camera's charger. I am such an idiot- I got this beautiful new camera and then I lost the charger.
    And, if I take the effort to make a DIY video, I can probably start doing vlogs too. I mean, I'd like to do them with all the moonstones, but I can do a couple on my own. QueenBeeuty has really awesome ones. And she can actually use Photoshop.
    So, please vote in the poll below- it takes one click, people!
And if you're wondering about the awful colors, I literally waved my finger around on the touchpad and clicked.
    Today, I read the sad story of the loneliest whale in the world.
    I advise you not to cross this point if you are already sad. I'll even put the rest under read more. So, sad people, watch this instead.

Hello people of the 21st century that are bored like me! Its Fluffy. Yes, spring break is almost over, boohoo :(. But, lets face it, if you stayed home, its not like you had the most fun in the world (but if you did like it, then that is great).
I can pretty much tell you what I did over spring break. During the day (when we actually do stuff--fun stuff), I was at home for about 10 hours. But those 10 hours, I had to do work. I got time to post once in a while, (since I had to wake up early in the morning everyday) I decided to sleep then. Well, I got up early today to post, but I fell right on my face because I was tired. So, I finally am posting while I'm awake, and not tired. Of course, I'm sitting on my bed with my blanket over me. Ohhh, the wonders of spring break. By the way, I told you that story because I thought it would amuse everyone. Anyway, not its time for real business. So, did anyone check out the Silently Chic page? If so, then check it our now! I was going to post more stuff on that page today, but it turns out that I have to go out almost all of today. Poor me :(. I will post on it as soon as I get back from the long-lasting party. For now, Adios.
~Fluffy Puppy :)
Hello fellow internet time-wasters and procrastinators, it's Silver! You know you love me. I'm actually supposed to be doing a biology project right now, but I figured I'd take a break and post something on the site. My one-shots that I've been working on should be up sometime today, so you can definitely look forward to them. I also told you guys about the new writing exercise I've been wanting to try, remember? In case you don't, here's a recap: in the exercise, you write down 500-word short stories a day, no matter what sort of mood you're in, to help you avoid writers' block. I'll probably start tomorrow (yes, I am a procrastinator extraordinaire), and I'll try to post them as soon as I finish writing them. If I don't, I'll probably have an angry Lily out for my blood, well, not blood: Lily's a vegetarian. You get the idea. Just in case she is reading this post, I would like to add that she is an extremely kind, sweet, caring, and completely modest person (and I'm not just saying that because she'll kill me if I don't). I don't know when we'll be seeing another post from Fluffy, but, for the sake of her well-being, I hope she posts soon. I also can't guarantee that Fluffy will remain alive if she fails to post; if worst comes to worst, my money's on Lily. We love you, Lily! I'm working on some new styles of paper dolls, just to practice, and you can look forward to those sometime next week. I'm also currently drawing a new series of paper dolls showing how fashion has changed through the ages, but I don't know when those will be up on the Paper Dolls page. Since Renaissance dresses are notoriously hard to draw, I'll probably just start with the Antebellum Era (pre-American Civil War) gowns, and draw the clothing from each decade. I really want to do a couple of dolls for each era so that I better can represent all the styles of clothing that people wore during that time period. I also have some templates drawn for male paper dolls, so I might also draw the fashions available for men from each era as well, but that depends on what Lily recommends. I'm also working on dolls that correspond with my stories (including the fan fictions), and I'll post those around the same time I post my stories. In completely unrelated news, did you hear that a new proposed Arizona bill is trying to ban internet trolling? I just can't believe the stupidity of some of those politicians! Who elects those people?! Seriously! If they had even an ounce of common sense, they would realize that states are not allowed to pass laws that restrict the rights of the citizens guaranteed in the United States Constitution. As a wise man once said, "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups".  While we're still on the subject of stupidity, I found that some people (who are in my high school) can't solve this simple math problem: 40 + 40 x 0 + 1. The meme that says "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" immediately came to my mind. In case you were wondering, the title of this post is not random at all (we try our best to leave the randomness to Ice Cream). 'Something' is actually the name of a song by the Beatles. Seriously. It's part of their hit album 'Abbey Road'. Look it up if you don't believe me. I suppose that's all I have to say, er, type.
Hasta Pronto!
<3 Silver
    Hello, everyone! It's Lily. You may have noticed a few changes on the website besides the new theme. "Silent Moonstone Blog" has been changed to simply blog, to avoid having other pages grouped under more. We have added a Contact Us page in place of the Twitter page, and we've added two completely new pages, Silently Quotable, which we had before and deleted, and Silently Chic, which I completely disapprove of. That's not at all the purpose of this website- this website is supposed to be the complete opposite of that poop. But we're trying it out, so bear with us. There'll be a few polls at the bottom about the new pages, so be sure to vote.
    Anyway, I'm sure you can figure that out on your own, so I have to think of other things to blog about. Well... I now have black and orange nail polish, and the whole wide world of nail art is open to me. Except designs including red. My red dried up. Stupid Murphy's law. (By the way Ice Cream, no letters look the same in both cases. See? Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz. They may not go below the line, but they do not look the same.)
    I am about to start a new story. It is about the seaside, and love (blegh) and bookmarks. Silv gave me the prompt, and I think it'll make an okay story. But love? That isn't going to be the theme. Maybe an underlying element at the most.
    I am also going to start drawing again, starting with the Maid Marian paper doll requested by Liana eons ago. I have finished drawing it, and am in the process of coloring it. I feel horrible- that was exactly 51 weeks ago. I am such a procrastinator. I will redraw it at some point, just to let you know. I am actually pulling my colored pencils out right now to finish coloring it. On the subject of paper dolls, I feel like drawing mermaids.
    So, I will end this post here so I don't forget to post it while going to sharpen my pencils. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Well, I don't know why I'm so happy, I've been all happy lately for most of the time, ok I've always been a happy person! Man, I love this font so much, its just so...happy! The only problem is that some of the letters look the same upper and lower case so its really getting on my nerves, but other than that its so pretty! And the site is so colorful! Maybe I'm just happy because its spring break and tomorrow is going to be a great day. Lots of things going on. We're going to go to the mountains later this week, (not going to specify when or where in case stalkers decide to read this post), but I'd really rather just stay home, you know? When you don't feel like traveling too much, just chillaxing at home with simple pleasures? Haha I used the word chillax. I'm feeling way too happy because I just had a strawberry milkshake.
Speaking of sugar, did you know its toxic? There was this segment about it on the most recent 60 Minutes, if you don't believe me go watch it,  It's a lot worse for you than originally thought. There was a lot of groundbreaking evidence that I'm not going to discuss because you should really go watch it. There's also a popular youtube video entitled Sugar: The Bitter Truth, which you should watch, which talks about this and caused 60 Minutes to cover this topic. Here's the link for the interview script.
Anyway, not such a happy way to end my post, because sugar is essential to my survival, and probably yours too. SO on a happier note,
Harry Potter Rox!
~Ice Cream Out!

You don't get the reason for the title, do you? Well, you're not supposed to get it, unless you're Lily. In that case: WE ARE SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME! All right, (see Lily, I can use that word correctly!) I have some good news for y'all. What? Oh, you want to know the good news. Well, here it is: NOTHING!! Hahaha! I got you GOOD! I really don't know why I'm posting; just bored, I guess. I'm currently working on those one-shot stories that I promised would be up, and Lily and I were just planning our next few paper dolls, which should also be up relatively soon. The colored version of my paper doll will definitely be up tomorrow, or even tonight; it all depends on my mood (or Lily's erm.... not-so-gentle urging). I suppose that's all I have to say...
Hasta la Vista
<3 Silver
Hi guys, it's Silver. First of all, I would like to apologize to Fluffy for tricking her into thinking that she was no longer a Moonstone, although it might as well be the BEST April Fools Day prank Lily and I have ever pulled. We never really intended to kick her off the site or search for a replacement; we just wanted to find out how much the site actually meant to her. Fluffy, I'm so sorry! I never intended to make you cry! (Confused? Well, you probably didn't read the earlier posts. Here are the links: Grave News, Goodbye Moonstones, and April Fool!). The bottom line is: Fluffy is still a Moonstone. Once a Moonstone, always a Moonstone, as I like to say. Onto the second reason for this blog post: I have finally posted a paper doll! I'm so proud! My drawing style has changed DRASTICALLY since the first attempt, and I really like the way she turned out. I've named her 'Grace' and you can find her by clicking on her name, this link, or you can just go to the Paper Dolls page. I hope you like it; it took a lot of time to finish. Another thing I wanted to let you guys know is that we now have a page of quotes, called Silently Quotable, on which you can find quotes from all the Moonstones, and it is listed under the Randomness page on the menu. CHECK IT OUT!I have, as promised, been working on a series of short story one-shots (500 words each), and you can look forward to those sometime today or tomorrow; I'll be pretty busy with my 2 biology projects, but I promise to get something up on the Short Stories page. I already put up a short story called "The Aces" a while ago, so check that out too. You'll also find some great one-shots by Lily and Ice Cream, and some poems by Lily there too. 
See You Soon!
<3 Silver
Happy late extra April Fool's Day! What? You're not amused? Well, I can explain...

It all started with my first April Fool's joke, Twilight. I thought it was weak sauce. So I posted Grave News. And made Fluffy post Goodbye Moonstones. (All of which you should read if you haven't already and don't want to be really confused.)

It was all a joke. But it served a double purpose... as a way to find out if Fluffy cared about the website and her Moonstone-ship. She does, if you're interested. Anyway, Silv and I broke it to her last night. And then fixed it. She cried.

And to make it up to her, I'm letting her create a new page. But expect a lot of rants.

I was glad to be part of the team! Its sad i have to leave :( Im really sorry for not being a good moonstone to all of the moonstones. I hope everyone would be good friends with me even though im not part of this website anymore. I was hoping to participate more over the break because of all the things that I had to do when we were actually in school. I hope everyone understands. And I also look forward to seeing who the next moonstone will be! I hope that they are better then me! I will definitely continue being a moonstone fan!