Hi, I've been a bad girl too. Did you see the new site theme? My doing! I hope you like the new font, I finally figured out how to change them. I have to copy my hard drive to get Photoshop again, so that will take a while. But I'm working on a doll, and I'll have more drawn to put up soon. I am working on the app, kind of, and will have it ready soon. I'll have a new contest soon, and the prize will be a sneak peek of the new app. I'm going to go on vacay for a while soon, but I'll try to tweet.   Even though we're going to high school, the site will be the same, don't worry. I have to go now, maybe more later.
                                                                                   -Lily out,  ☮!
Thanks to Kate!!!!!!!!!  She entered my contest for the summertime poem so here it is, enjoy guys!

Twisting green spears of grass

Through my fingers, intertwining

And contemplating on

The joys of Summer

Well, firstly, there is

The fact in which

Knowing I've no papers due

A great lovely burden is lifted

Secondly, I acknowledge

That when the blist'ring heat

Affects me and I am near to fainting

I can simply dip in the water, and be refreshed

Thirdly, joyously,

Is the happy times with companions

The memories I shall laugh upon and treasure

As a grand-and-great mother.

Fourthly, and lastly,

That when the leaves drift from their perches

On old oaks and sycamores,

That I shall love and treasure

Summer even more.

Awesome right?
~Ice Cream
Yes, I have been a lazy girl.  I'm sorry for not updating anything for a while.  I would also ask if you guys check out my fanifiction account.  I have a couple of stories, in a couple random categories.  Many of them are song-fics, but I hope you will read the stories.  Don't ask, WHY I have a Mario fanfic, ok, I just had the idea to do my own version of Mario in high school, and I like playing Mario kart!  I hope you guys read.  There is a link on the short story page, and Lily and Silver also have stories too!
~Ice Cream out!
    Hi, it's Lily. I'm happy to tell you that I got a new scanner/copy machine/printer, and you can guess what that means! More paper dolls, right! Well, almost. I just need to get Photoshop on my other computer and then I'm good to go. I could use iPhoto on my mom's MacBook, but she won't let me touch it. (Just because I put one computer into a coma doesn't mean I'll do that to all of them!) I'll work on it, but I think I prefer Photoshop. I'm going to try some magnetic paper dolls. RLC, who has Paper Thin Personas, has a really good post on them.
    My second bit of news is that I'm making an app for Silent Moonstone! I doubt it will be anything fancy, as I'm making it with a free thingie. But it will be cool to have an app, and you'll know when we post something new. The logo will look something like the below, but better. Paint is not my favorite drawing program. Well, I have to do work now. so bye!
I also made a list of why harry potter is better than twilight.  I really don't mean to offend any Twihards or anything, but i find some of the Twihards' lists to be very insulting.  Don't click on the document if you don't want to read. 
~Ice Cream out!
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   Now, I don't want to offend anyone, as this would go against my policies for the website. So, if you are a fan of Twilight, I'm warning you. Don't click "read more." But if you're not, please proceed.

 Hi, everyone! We have a new forum on the For You page. Please go check it out! We'll have discussion topics there.
    Hi everyone, it's Lily! I'm SOOO excited that Harry Potter is tomorrow! Well, technically day after tomorrow, but we're going to the midnight showing. (12.01- eee!) Oh, by the way. Icy and I are Briticizing ourselves. Like saying "mum" insterad of "mom", even though we don't call our moms either, and 12.01 instead of 12:01. So, tomorrow Ice and our other friend- who I've mentioned so much I should give a temporary alias- are coming to my house. The last post details all of this, but I want to say it again. And btw, her temporary alias will be- Nimrod! Ooh, there was this king named Nimrod in a book by Nancy Farmer. We will be making tutorials and posting them on the site. I wish we'd done this before, but I guess you can dress up like we are for another showing, or maybe a costume party. (Idea!) If you're going, tell us about it in the comments! Or.. I've got anotehr
     Hey everyone! Lily here. I'm sorry I've had no time to post- I have several classes and I'm either going to them or practicing for them. My grandparents are here, and we've been traveling a lot too. Well, if you're bored, open Google Chrome and play with the voice and image searches. The voice search is good for practicing your British accent, which is what I use it for. :D Harry Potter in 8 days! I'm really excited, Icy and our other friend are coming to my house. We'll have a party, and do Hogwarts themed nail art and make fake scars. Here's how you make a fake scar:
    Mix together flour, water, and dark red coloring. I use this dark red powder which looks really cool. Just eyeball equal amounts of flour and water, as for the coloring that depends on your skin tone. Put the mixture into a pastry or plastic bag, and cut a hole. Squeeze a lightning shape fairly high on the right side of your forehead. Or use a paintbrush or toothpick for better control. Let it dry, and enjoy your somewhat realistic scar! Make sure to wash your face after, as the flour won't rub off.
    We're going at midnight, which is really cool. Please tell us about what you're planning to do for Harry Potter! I hope we can make a webshow, and we'll put up pictures of our scars and nails. Ooh, we could talk in British accents. I'm getting really good from years of Harry Potter movies and British books. British people use different words too, like "got" instead of "have." i.ed. I've got a pony! (not)
I'm a bit hyper, I ate plain Nutella. Sooo good. Well, bye, I've got to go to a class soon. HP 4ever!
  Hey, this is Ice Cream!  My other relatives just left so the only one here besides my family is my mom's cousin.  I just finished playing Mao.  I would explain the rules but that would be against the rules.  Also, there are many variations so if you went and looked it up, you would find many different sets of rules.  It is frustrating the first time you play, because the universal rule is new players must find out the rules by playing the game.  Its really fun when you are a returning player, seeing the new players getting frustrated, but after a few turns you typically get the hang of it and its quite easy, except when you forget a rule or two!
~Ice Cream out!