Hello, this is Lily. My little friends and I are going to have a traveling lemonade stand tomorrow, and we might have frozen lemonade! Here's the recipe, if you're interested...
I have added a short survey on the homepage.  It is only about 5 questions, so please answer it.  We would like to use it to improve the site!
~Ice Cream out!

  I know I wasn't here on the half birthday, sorry!  I wasn't home for the past few days so I couldn't get on the computer.  I still haven't received any entries for the contest.  I know its a little early to change the theme, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on for a while, so I did it a little early.  We've been a somewhat off task when it comes to updating, so I apologize.  I saw Cars 2 yesterday, it was cool, you should go see it. 
~Ice Cream out!

    Hello, everyone. I just wanted to let you know about my first video. Here it is! I'll also be doing a vlog, but with pictures.
Hey guys,
I'm sorry that this message is going to be short but my whole family is yelling at me because I'm not doing any work! Ugh....I want to just hurt them......badly but I can't. The wedding is over and on Friday, it was my brother's birthday. So, I planned a huge surprise party for him. It was funny and cool, all of our cousins were there. Most of them which are really funny. Oh, I forgot to say that it was on the 17 of June. I wish everyone of my friends were there. So after that is over, we are going to another place and its on a huge hill. We can walk or take a bus. If, and I mean if, you are as tired!!! Last time I went, I saw a peacock and it is cool. We are planning to go to another place but by a mini bus for our whole family. The one after that is to this huge lake, so we will rent a boat, I think it will be a big boat. I don't know. But, I have to go....The videos I'm taking will be up soon. It's just that my IPhone is out of charging and I have to find the charger to upload them. Sorry guys.
Talk to you later,
  I'm kidding.  But Selena Gomez said she is kind of a dork, even though she is not.  Like Lily said earlier, The two of us and another friend went to see Selena Gomez.  I know she was a little creeped out by the fact that we talked to her mom, but her mom is cool.  Anyways, I was a little sad I still haven't recieved any entries for the poetry contest.  I know poetry isn't everyone's thing, but this kind of stuff is good for experience.  I'll even throw in a special prize to the winner which will be top secret until the winner is announced.  I'd really like an entry before the 23rd so we can publish it on that day.  Remember that Selena Gomez's birthday is also coming up on July 22nd! 
~Ice Cream Out!

    Sorry everyone, I'm being lazy. (Me being Lily, of course.) Ugh, I've had so much work. Today, Ice Cream, one of our other friends, and I saw Selena Gomez! Silver is going to be SO jealous, hee-hee. She came to the Mall of Georgia to promote her new movie, Monte Carlo. I'd put up the link to it, but the link button is being stupid. It's basically about a girl who accidentally is mistaken for a wealthy heiress, and has the "time of someone else's life". Well, I can say it worked. Ice Cream and I are going to go see Monte Carlo soon- who else is? We went at two, but Selena only showed up at 6:30. She was answering questions submitted by fans, and she answered our friend's! It was really cool, although we couldn't hear her. Someone asked who the last person she texted was- it was Brandon Smith! They didn't let us submit questions about Justin Bieber, darn,
    While we were waiting, we kinda had fun. We ate in the food court and had cookies, milkshakes, smoothies, and spaghetti. Well, not all of us at the same time. We also went to B&N and read there for a while. They kept talking to my MOM, which was really, really creepy. She's my MOM!!! I suppose my mom is kinda cool- she knows about Sel and Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and everything, but it was still creepy.
    I'm making a slideshow about myself! It's not going to have my face, but you'll hear my voice. It'll look kindofish professional. Probably.
    If you have Trade Nations, come play with me! You can see my username on Twitter or in the Twitter feed box out to the side.
    I'll start writing my new story soon. It'll have all of us, with our personalities, and maybe our other friend. That's all I have time for now, Lily out! Actually, I'm inside. Lily IN! ☮!
Hey, I'm pretty excited about the fact I got my braces off!  It sucks that I have to wear a retainer for the rest of my life.  My cousins are visiting but the younger one has become weirder as in he is now afraid of cooties so he stays away from most girls, including me.  I was pretty excited still. Anyways, I've got to go practice my music.
~Ice Cream Out!
  Ok, I know I'm killing you guys with all the old stuff I talk about, but I absolutely love Rugrats and All Grown Up! Those were awesome shows, Rugrats has a lot of episodes, but All Grown Up didn't so I was pretty sad. I know you're wondering why I'm talking about this now, but I've rekindled my obsession.  Anyways, I hate it when people get all caught up in which characters should end up together and the show's main genre is overshadowed by the romantic aspect of the show. That's kind of sad.  But, if you want to have a crazy fan war on something that's so miniscule, then no one's stopping you.  I'm sure they'll manage to wage a fan war over Spongebob.  I'd love to see that! Who's your favorite character from Rugrats/All Grown Up?  My favorite is Dil because he's awesomely weird!  Just like me!  Its nice how they've all been best friends for literally forever!  I'm a sucker for all that corny stuff.  I wouldn't have that kind of friendship from birth because I moved a lot when i was younger.  Now, I'm not moving and I have best buddies who are fellow moonstones!!!!!!!!!!!! The poll is on the home page, or you can comment here!
~Ice Cream Out!

    I'm quite sure that hiatus isn't the appropriate term to use, but I like that word. I am SO SORRY that I haven't been a good moonstone lately. I have a big dance performance in SC, so we've had to practice EVERY DAY of these last two weeks. Then, I have to come home and practice, and I have to do other stuff too, so I've quite literally had no free time. But on the bright side, the performance is tomorrow, so after that I'll be able to renovate the website. I'm going to have access to a computer more now, so don't worry! I'm working on a video for you guys! I'd be done by now, but I need to record my voice and that's proving difficult on the computer. So bear with me for a little while, and I will fix all of this. I am writing a story, but it's coming out badly. I <3 the idea, but I'm being a bad writer, so it looks like a six year old wrote it. :( Well, not in terms of penmanship (but my mother would disagree), but in terms of skill. Meanwhile, entertain yourselves by reading! I just read a book, and the main character has the same birthday as me! I was so excited. I won't say which book, but I'll recommend others.

Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
H.I.V.E. by I think Mark Walden