Hey guys, it's Silver. As Lily mentioned on the short stories page, I am writing a comedy story and it will be up really soon. I suggest you keep your eyes on the riddles and short stories page, and be sure to check out the story written by Lily, and the latest random posts by Ice Cream.

Hasta La Vista!
Hey guys, Ice Cream here and I just want to wish you all a happy New Year because I hardly doubt that I will get on at midnight just to do that.  Not to be old fashioned but I plan on making a resolution to commit more to this site.  What are you planning to do?  I can't go to a New Year's party this year because my parents have guests and they will leave before New Year's and my family won't stay up I'm guessing so I just have to watch TV. Maybe next year I'll have a sleepover and my friends can spend the night!   
Hey guys, Silver here. I finally got the first riddle up! This is one of the easiest ones so far, but (in case you were wondering) even I don't know the answer. So, for the time being, your guess is just as good as mine!

After lots of nagging from Lily, I, the totally awesome Silver Star (aka Silver), have finally decided to post! While exploring this site, you will most commonly find my name in the Short Stories or the Riddles section of the site. I also suggest you keep an eye out for Ice Cream's screenplay for her reality show Ice Cream Rocks!'.


Edit from Lily- I didn't nag her! I just told her I didn't see her contributing after she refused to admit that I was awesome because I had figured out how to put polls on the website! (To Silver-sorry I messed up your post. :P)

Edit from Silver- (To Lily) Don't worry about it! Having edits from other people just makes the posts more fun to read, in my opinion anyways.

Edit from Fluffy- (To Both) Hahaha... I love it when you both fight, its just soo funny. P.S. Sorry in advance for any grammer mistakes.

Edit from Ice Cream- (to Fluffy) they weren't fighting they were just having a unheated conversation.  And I realized my name is the only one with out an abbreviation, but I definitely don't want to be called Ice.  

Edit from Silver (again...)- (To All) Why do all of you have to comment on this post? Why don't you comment on the post where Ice Cream is freaking out because of school? (To Viewers) I am pretty sure that all of you enjoy our bickering. If you have any comments about it, feel free to contact us at silent.moonstone@yahoo.com
Hi everyone! It's Lily, and I''m back from Florida. That's why this site has been so terrible (jk)- I can't blog from my iPod. Anyway, I went to the Kennedy Space Center and Islands of Adventure. Did you know that it's sometimes so crowded in the Harry Potter part you actually have to get a ticket to just get in there? <growl> My dad and I ditched the rest of my family and went there. We went at one, and they told us we had to come back to the Harry Potter place at 6:40! It was totally worth it though. The rides were awesome, even though we had to wait one and a half hours to get into Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey. It was still worth it, though. If any of you ever go, tell me!




We get back to school soon.  My group project is still incomplete! Boo hoo! Oh well.  

-Ice Cream

Edit from Silver- Ice Cream! Enjoy the vacation time that you have left!

Edit from Ice Cream- I know but I miss seeing my pals almost everyday. 
Hey guys, it's me, Fluffy and I couldn't eat anything that i have to chew on because of fillings... was sooo mad. Don't tell my mom, but I ate candy/chocolate a lot when she was not in the hall. Pretty hyper and my mom just thinks that I'm acting all hyper because of the fillings and lack of sleep (btw, did I mention that this is the first time i ever got fillings in my whole life unlike some of my other friends *cough cough*.
    Here are some things you can do when you're in pain:
1. You can either come to our website or come to our website.
2. Chill out and watch T.V or surf the web(but don't forget to visit this website)
3. IDK...just sleep, i guess
    <Peace Love Happiness :P>

    You can also watch this funny music video I found on YouTube, ohh what we would do without these popular things to make our lives easier.  This video is by boymongoose.  
  Ice cream- calcium and a great food with many different flavors, healthy if you eat in limits! 
   Lindor Truffles- idk if I spelled that right but we all know what I'm talking about.  It's the most delicious chocolate in the world, especially the white chocolate. 
    Alfredo sauce- I like eating it in my pasta but I know some people eat it with chicken (I'm vegetarian); its the usual sauce I geton my pasta when we eat out. 
                - Ice Cream
Hey, its Ice Cream again and I'm totally psyched to say we finally had a white Christmas; its been a really long time, (100 years to be exact) and its still snowy!!! I played outside in the snow and throu snowballs at the walls of my home.  The only problem right now is that we'll be stuck inside for a while till the ice on the road melts. Oh well.  If only this had happened on a school day!
Hey, its me again Fluffy Puppy. I guess i'm not of a busy person just like Ice Cream over there. Well...I really had fun playing in the snow of "White Christmas" with my next door neighbor and it was pretty fun, suggesting he was 4 years old. It was still fun though and I, personally want to wish all of you a great White Christmas with everyone you know and I had a great White Christmas and I want to know how your White Christmas is/was.

Oh, don't forget to send pictures of your White Christmas and any cool videos or really anything that is cool. Thanks! :)