Hi, I guess you can tell from the title its Ice Cream who hasn't posted for a really long time. So, as you know I'm currently on vacation in India at the moment. Its been really nice seeing all of my relatives after a long time and catching up with them. But of course catching up with them, has also made me fall behind on my school homework. But you probably already knew that I'm a procrastinator. I'm pretty sure the other moonstones haven't gotten much of their holiday work done either. Its always like this when it comes to long-term assignments, such as summer hw isn't it? We plan and plan to have a bit done each day so we don't have to do it all last minute, but then we find ourselves putting off a bit each day saying that its only a little and that we can finish it up later, seeing as there is so much time left. Either way, it all gets done last minute. To make it worse, my cousin got me hooked on Inuyasha, which is this anime I've been watching. I'm not really a big anime or manga freak but some of you probably are so you probably know about it. Sorry this is such a short post, but my mother's been trying to get me to do my hw as well, so I'll have to get to it soon, (but we all know I'll only do a bit today and end up getting distracted somehow.) Wish me luck!
~Ice Cream Out!


Actually, Icey, I'm finished with all my summer homework. :D


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