I was going to title it "stuff", but then I would look stupid. Also, every time I say stuff I have the urge to say "by Hilary Duff." Does anyone remember her brand?
    I'm sorry for copying you, Silver. But... I got no good excuse/ favor you owe me, although I'm sure I can think of one with some time. :D (Whoa Kate, you're right, the smiley DOES have teeth!!
    I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. Every time I try, I remember my other blog for LA, so then I do it, and then I'm too tired afterwards to post on this poor neglected one.
    Whoa, the color changed automatically! That's pretty awesome. So, it's been getting colder here, and with it come all the ailments of winter. So I wanted to show you some stuff that might help. (Note- I'm not getting money for this... darn.)
It stopped changing automatically. D: Here's the first thing I wanted to show you is EOS lip balm. I thought it was one of those fancy-schmancy expensive thingies that everyone pretends is so much better than Chapstick. But it's actually pretty good. I have the lemon drop and summer fruit flavors. They both smell amazing, and taste kinda sweet. It's not that strong a flavor, so I personally don't get tempted to lick it off all the time, although you might not like that. It's all natural and really good for chapped lips. I used it a few times a day for two days and my lips... stopped being chapped.
    I realize how I now sound girly and annoying, but it really does work. Umm... I got nothing else. School's okay, I guess. My school is really... "spirited", I guess you would say. Homecoming week was da bomb.
    Ooh, I just remembered something! Last week, we went to a pumpkin patch, where we did not buy a pumpkin- we ended up going to Walmart. We carved ghosts on it. There, they had a BUNNY PETTING ZOO! For two dollars, you can go in and just pet bunnies. First, they wouldn't let me pick them up, but then I figured how to calm them before I did. For future reference- first, gently stroke the bunny. When it's ears are down, it is probably calm. (Unless it is a lop bunny. Those have no choice.) Put your hand under it and keep petting it. Then, when you feel ready, pick it up with one hand on top and one below. If you can, move your hands to the proper bunny-holding position, which is one hand supporting it's rear end (yes, ha-ha) and one supporting its front legs. If it starts kind of running in mid-air, put it down gently (EVEN IF IT HAS SHARP CLAWS) on the ground- don't drop it.
    There's some other stuff I should be doing right now, so I got to go.But I want to tell you something first- go to ePub Bud, where you can download free ebooks onto your Kindle (I think), Kobo, iDevice, or just read online or on your computer. Have fun!
        -Lily (Changed color automatically again!)

HI guys, Silver here, and I'm in lunch class right now. I was out of school for ONE day and I suddenly have 2 projects, a quiz I need to make up, 5 homework packets and a test TOMORROW! Teachers here give A LOT of work. I have certainly learned my lesson from this, and that is to avoid missing anymore days of school, because I have absolutely NO IDEA about what we're doing in math class right now, and I have to go to a help session after school. The only good thing about this is that I managed to get all my missing assignments in, and I got to browse the internet and watch T.V all day yesterday. I also finally have a short story written for y'all (yes; I am mimicking a southern accent) and I will try to put it up as soon as I get home. My language arts teacher said that she would help me edit my stories so that Lily won't be on my back about the grammatical mistakes in them. The new contest should also be up by this evening. Sorry y'all had to wait so long to see the website decorations; I forgot to push the publish button, and I only realized today :P.
Hasta Pronto!
- Silver
    Hi guys, Silver here, and I finally managed to find enough time to decorate the website. Better late than never, right?
    I'm home sick today, because I've been feeling so out of it. It took me about 10 minutes to realize that the mysterious object I was staring at was my alarm clock, so my mom decided it would be best if I stayed home. I managed to get the October decorations up.
    I decided to do them in a Harry Potter theme because we are going as Death Eaters this year. It is so much more fun to play the bad guys! I'm going as Bellatrix Lestrange and Ice Cream is going as Severus Snape; I'm not sure about the other two Moonstones, though. Lily is right, we had A LOT of fun at the homecoming dance; I tasted dry ice!   
    Anyways, back to the topic of this post. The reason I chose the picture of Dumbledore's Army for the homepage because it has all my favorite characters, such as Hermione, Fred, George, Luna, Harry etc. The Silent Moonstone Blog picture is for Ice Cream, because she ADORES Sirius Black; plus, I think Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks are AMAZING! (I'm on a sugar high right now, so excuse me if I sound crazier than usual). The Paper Dolls page is in honor of our Halloween costumes this year, and the rest are pretty much random.   
    High school is so boring, and all the teachers give you so much work. Its like they think you have absolutely no social life whatsoever! The only bright side is that we can chat anytime with our friends on the school email server, and the teachers never catch us! Its so much easier than passing notes, and you almost never get caught.
    I'm working on a couple of new stories and fanfictions when I have time, so be sure to watch out for those. I also have a new contest for you guys, and it will be up tomorrow or the day after. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts; I'll try to post 2 or 3 times a week during my lunch class.
Hasta Pronto!
 By putting "Untitled" in the title bar, I gave this post a title. So by not titling this post, I gave it a title. Paradoxism (that is a neologism.)
    I'm watching "Shake it Up", my new TV obsession. It was Good Luck Charlie, but I've seen all the episodes, so yeah.
    Homecoming was okay. There were candles hanging from the ceiling and dry ice in the water thing, but that was all that was really Harry Potter themed. We had fun, though, especially Silver.
    Ugh, I'm so tired. I'll post tomorrow. Until then, read free books here.
- Lily




  I want to confirm that I will be going to the HP dance.  Also, I've learned from my counselor its a good idea to start building up a student resume now, and as freshmen we have a good head start. 
  Now, for those of you who didn't know, Steve Jobs passed away yesterday.  I know that he wasn't someone whom I knew personally, but its still kind of weird to think about it.  We all thought he was going to live through after the surgery, (he had a rare cancer), and then he dies. He was only 56 years old.  Its quite sad really.  (Everyone found out about it quickly too.  It was reported around half and hour after his death.)  He was also pretty health conscience.  Its a shame we lost such an innovative man.  People say besides his genius, it was his enthusiasm that fueled the company.  Here are a few things you probably didn't know about Steve Jobs:
  • He was involved in Pixar animations!  They make totally awesome movies!
  • He was a vegetarian.  Its true you can look it up, I learned this when I was watching this show with on CNN. 
  • He was a Buddhist.  No kidding.  I was pretty surprised as well.  But his philosophies have shaped Apple into what it is today.
Cool facts right? Well, Lets all remember what a talented man he was, and what he has made the modern world today.  Long Live Steve Jobs.
~Ice Cream Out~
    Hello everyone, this is Lily. Long time no see. (I hate when people use that expression. Add a few extra words!) I'm sorry, I've had a lot of homework and I can only get online for my blog for school. Also, Weebly was blocked before. I;m sorry I can't make this a nice long post, but it's 11:27 at the moment. I'm really tired, and I need sleep. D; You know, it's funny how the other way around the sad face is a wink. Uh.... I'm helping work on our theme song. It'll be good. I'll try to post tomorrow- I might be able to get a computer at lunch. Usually the lab is all filled up with people anxious to finish homework or projects before their next class. High school is different. I don't like it, but not because it's high school. I don't because of all the homework and stuff. I like the school- it's bigger and way cooler than middle school. Get this- our homecoming is HARRY POTTER THEMED! I'm probably going to go, but they'll probably make it an insult to Harry Potter. Ice Cream and Silver might come, even though they go to different schools. On Tuesday, we have a Harry Potter trivia thing during lunch. I'm going to participate when I figure out how and own all those wannabes. It's also twin day- I might be twins with Nimrod. Okay, this is a lot longer than I thought it would be- never mind, it's the font. If you're bored, try going to ted.com It has. cool mini lectures. Watch two of my favorites- the robot which flies like a bird and the 30 day challenge. I feel like such a geek. :D But it's cool. I've been obsessed with Shake It Up lately- I've seen every episode. Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman are so pretty!