This post has nothing to do whatsoever with Camelot. I just needed a good title. (BTW, if I ever get a pet owl, I'm naming him Archimedes, or, if it's female, Hedwig. :D)
    I have some free time in school, so I thought I'd post for the first time in forever. I have some news- I'm applying to be on the yearbook staff! I've always wanted to be on yearbook, but it's always been selection before and not applications, so this is finally the year. In my school, this class is awesome. My language arts class is next door, and they have black lights in there and really loud crazy music leaking through the walls. :D I want to do page design and photography and maybe a bit of writing. Guess what? We have to turn in a sample of our writing, and I'm using The Truth! Wish me luck!
    Fluffy's bro just graduated, and she told us his yearbook is as thick as a textbook. (Actually, she said, "I saw my, like, brother's like, yearbook, and it's like, this like, thick, like, a like, textbook." [Or something along those lines.]) By the way, they were seling Dark Mark tattoos in school, and she put it on her wrist. I called her stupid for doing that and told her it's on her upper arm, and she says, "NO-WUH! In the MOVIES it's like NYHHHHHHH!" (Points to wrist.) 
    Just kidding Fluffy. You know I love you (but not as much as everyone else.)
    Bye... nothing else to say. 
                  -Lily out. Rebellion. 

I want to tell you guys something. I'm... idk, I just needed to put something here. :D Watch this... not that I think you need your self esteem boosted, but I wish I knew how to do that with Photoshop.

Highlight the above for a secret message!
  Hey, have you ever wondered why the kids in How to Train Your Dragon have American accents but all the adults have Scottish accents. I mean they'll been living in the the same place for 300 years, wouldn't they all sound the same?? Sorry, getting a little excited, because very recently I found out HTTYD (the name is way too long to keep typing over and over again) is getting a tv show!  I know I shouldn't be surprised because Madagascar and Kungfu Panda have shows, but I'm still excited!  I know the sequel won't be out for ages and I've already seen all the animated shorts so there will be something new to watch.  The only problem will be if they replace the main voice cast, which they did for panda, so I'm assuming that they will for HTTYD as Jay Baruchel will probably not want to do the tv show, (which would suck because he's an awesome Hiccup!), and the plotlines might be bad (Penguins), also considering the fact its going to be on Cartoon Network not Nick, worries me a bit, but I'm still optimistic. 
  We're getting back to school soon, (aah), which means no more rest and relaxation for a while.  Dang it.  Ah well, we'll have to deal with it.