Oh, my poor neglected website! I am so sorry everyone! I've been super busy with CRCT practice, and I haven't been feeling creative at all lately. I am working on the paper doll,  but the story I need a jolt. I've been trying to draw chibi, wish me luck with that! I'll scan and post them soon, when I get time. That's really all I have time to say now, I may finish this post later. Bye, sorry again!
Hey guys,
It's me, Fluffy. I have a reason why I haven't been posting lately. It's because I felt sick. This is the first time it hit me this hard. Right after I came from school, I collapsed on my bed, and I couldn't get up. Even if this was today, I felt sick, dizzy, and etc. before. Oh well, I have enough energy to type this. If I don't, I'm probably a stupid weakling. Anyway, I have been working on the next chapter, but I guess I have writer's block. I'm trying to make it as interesting as possible. So far, there is a huge thing going on. I hope you can check it out. And about the paper dolls, I never got to give to the master brain and let her do the copying on the computer stuff. I promise that will be up soon. They are spring related and soon after that, I will start drawing the summer clothing. I know I'm really bad bad I'm trying as hard as I can. 
Got to go, 
Fluffy :)
P.S. I just took the Harry Potter housing quiz! Click here to check out my results! And click here if you want to take the quiz!
  Hi, it's Lily!
My magical Potterized name is... Lily.
    The above annoyed me like.. like.. idk. It really annoyed me. And Icy was wrong. I included the link for the name generator for you. I love, love, love, Harry Potter. I've read the first two books about 70 times each. I am seriously not kidding, I really have read them that much. Maybe a little closer to 60. But really, that's not an exaggeration.
    We were going to have a Harry Potter food day for our school's Harry Potter club. Icy, Silv, and I all got together and made Butterbeer and Chocoballs. We were so proud.. and guess what happened today? Apparently, the founding seven of the club didn't tell the teacher sponsor who was going to bring what. She thought only one person signed up, and it was canceled. After all our hard work! She said we could take it to school on that day anyway, but SOMEONE (Well, two someones. Silver and Icy.) didn't want to do that. And they were very ungrateful, as I did most of the planning. You know, Icy has trouble making decisions. I think her role model is Rebecca Black.
    So, who's going to watch the last Harry Potter movie? I know I am! I might be able to convince my mommy, who loves Harry Potter too, to let me go to the very first show. It would be really cool if it was at midnight or two o'clock. Fluffy is in love with.. never mind, I don't know if she'd be okay with me putting that on the site.

I am working on the Maid Marian paper doll.
Please read my two tweets in response to Icy thinking that she'll pay someone to name their poor kid Bobert. On the side of the site, click the down arrow to see all the tweets in that conversation.
Story chapter will be up ASAP.

I might take a break from the website after I start my new story and finish the paper doll.. It's getting a little overwhelming. During the CRCT week, I might not post. (Next week.) On that cheerful note, bye!

  I was online and I found the Potter name generator.  You can enter your real name and get a potter name!  I entered my alias.  It told me I was Alice.  I did the same for the others, with their full alias, it told me they were all fleur.  I did our real names too, which I won't mention.  I got Minerva, Lily got Angelina, Silver got Hermione, and Fluffy also got Angelina.  I seriously don't know how they choose, but I did it a second time and got the same results.  Go ahead and try your names!  Here is the link:
name generator
~Ice Cream out!

    Don't anticipate anything whimsical. That's just my favorite word. WHIMSICAL! Sorry. :)
    I have a recommendation for you guys- if you have an iDevice (my name for iPod touches and iPhones), get the app Battery God. It's now free, and it tells you how long you can do a certain activity with your level of charge. For example, I have 15% charge, so I can listen to music for 03:22. (That's three minutes, right?) 
    So, what's up with you guys? I'm going to go back to normal this week, sorry. I was so busy and tired last week!
    I have a biggish contest for you. Again. I like contests, okay? Here it is:
    Comment with a paragraph on what you think my personality is like. Include:
-Adjectives and adverbs. A few separate words that would describe me.
-What I would do in a few different situations, such as:
    Someone comes up to me and starts crying. D:
    Someone steals my candy. :0
    Someone tells me I am smart. :D
And anything else you want to include..
I want to know how you imagine me. Anyone who knows me personally (Shruti), sorry. Don't enter! This will run for- say, a week? The closest by then wins. You may have your pick of:
A one-shot short story
A theme for my real-life paper doll.    
P.S. I'll have a link to this in the sidebar!

  The link I put up in my last post didn't work.  I managed to find a video with the whole song. yay!  Enjoy, I will put up another video soon!  Yea, I know it seems like my latest television obsession.  I go back and forth.  Until then, bear with me. 
~Ice Cream out!
  Hey, I know Silver mentioned her fanfiction ratings before.  Mine are rated T, just to be safe but I think they are pretty safe for ages 8+.  I don't have any foul language or anything inappropriate, but I know some younger kids' parents don't let them watch tv shows with stuff like dating and kissing, so just letting you know some stuff like that will be in it.  Speaking of television, do you guys still watch Disney?  I usually just watch Wizards of Waverly Place or Phineas and Ferb, but I turned on the tv, on Friday, and a movie called Lemonade Mouth had just started.  Apparently, it was the premiere and I was like, I forgot about this movie.  Turns out it was based off of a book, (what isn't nowadays?), and I want to read that.  The movie was really good, and no offense to High School Musical, or Camp Rock fans, but it was better in my opinion.  Just check it out, I know the title is a little weird, but its symbolic.  The characters are realistic, so some people will be able to relate to some of them.  The music was really good too.  I have one of the songs stuck in my head.  Watch the song below.  I volunteered at a preschool carnival yesterday with Lily.  We ate really good pizza.  Fluffy being Fluffy, signed up with us even though she was already going to Six Flags.  Lily was at the food both getting hamburgers, I was at an inflatable alligator, where I stood at the exit which was the alligator's mouth, to make sure no kids snuck in the wrong way.  I went to someone's house and they had spicy pizza again.  Yum!  I didn't get to eat any ice cream though. :(  I will get back to the story very soon I promise!  I couldn't find a video with just the whole song and the video so you have to skip ahead a little to see the song.  For some reason, some parts of the movie aren't online.  There is actually two songs in this part, they are both good, but my favorite is "Determinate". 
~Ice Cream Out!

Hey guys,
Fluffy here! Anyway, I had an awesome day today. Yah, I went to SIX FLAGS!! Well, it was with some people from my orchestra group, but I also saw some people from the chorus group too. I went on the Batman, Ninja, All American Screamer, and Mindbreaker (I think, I can't remember the whole name). They are all some scary roller coasters. I'm also tired of all the walking. There was a guy who called us once and said that he saw us for the third time. After, we forgot he was there, so he looked at us and mouthed four also putting his fingers up to four. The fifth time, we walked all the way around, but he saw us and stared at us. He was a real creepo. Also, I went on this kiddi roller coaster, and right when we got on it, something happened and we were stuck in our seats and couldn't get off. We had to wait for the people who worked there to come fix the ride. We finished it and as we were heading out, almost 3/4 of the crowd that was there were gone. They couldn't wait anymore, and that ride took us exactly one hour! We waited almost an hour for Batman. I also saw this guy who looked and acted like the senior version of this other guy. It was funny!!! I hope you guys had an amazing day too. Tomorrow, I'm having more fun! Yay! Tell me, what did you guys do today? What will you do tomorrow? I can't wait to hear fro everyone!
   Remember that tweet that I said I would continue in a blog post? Here it is- better late than never, right? :D
    Sorry everyone, I might not be able to meet my post requirements this week. Unlike some others on this website, I do my best to. When I can't, I will try to make up for it. I have some explanations, but if you aren't in the mood to sympathize, I have warned you. And btw, Silver made a mistake in her warning post. I won't tell her, because I don't want to, okay!? I don't feel very consciencey.
    In language arts, we were doing the most commonly misspelled words by middle-schoolers. I spelled conscience wrong, along with seven other words, (out of forty) and was disappointed with myself. I really hate the feeling of not knowing exactly how to spell a word. Well, at least I know how to spell it now, right?
    I am mad at Silver for reasons that shall remain unnamed for the time being. Actually, it wasn't so much something she did as following human nature. But I still want to hold a grudge. I don't like human nature.
    Today morning, I volunteered at a preschool carnival. What I had to do was carry burger rolls to the guy flipping burgers (who kept randomly singing along with the loudspeaker), tell him the orders, (ham or cheeseburger) and carry them back. I'm vegetarian, and the smell was really.. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I just wasn't used to it. I had to that for 135 minutes. I was glad I did it at the end though, because they thanked and applauded me and gave me pizza. :) I shared it with Icy, who was also volunteering. She was telling off preschoolers for going up the slide the wrong way and trying to sneak up without tickets. I saw Shruti there, btw. At the end, I asked how much the pizza was, and they gave me two pieces for free. I fetched Icy, and we shared, then got one more piece each. They also let us have juice.
    Well, that's all. I will get caught up ASAP. I am so sorry about that, I also haven't been feeling so great. :( Too little sleep. Bye!
    Hi guys, Silver here. I just wanted to tell you that my Harry Potter fanfiction (Fame & Fortune: My Secret Life) is rated 'T', which means it is suitable for ages 11 and up because there's a bit of cussing (nothing major, just a little bit, and the characters don't cuss that often, just when I think the moment calls for it). I am just warning you about it beforehand because Lily (my conscience) and Ice Cream told me that this site may have younger viewers, and I don't want my fanfiction to be a bad influence on them. Once again, my Harry Potter fanfiction is rated 'K', and only appropriate for ages 11 and up. Consider yourself warned.

- Hasta Pronto