Hey everyone!  Guess what!  One of the site users, Shruti is opening her blog to the public!  Go check it out its pretty cool!
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    Hi everyone, it's Lily. I was watching Good Luck Charlie a little while ago, and thought you might want to also. If you love this show too, comment! On this blog post, not the Youtube video.  (By the way, this is the episode after she finds out Spencer was cheating on her.) If you're really bored, turn on the captions and laugh at how terible Google's voice recognition thing is. I may start doing this type of post regularly, by the way, if I see more good videos. Don't ask what the use of this post is when you can just go watch on TV or Youtube, okay? I just thought it would be cool. Would you want a whole page dedicated to TV shows, like this? Sorry if it's kind of bad quality, but enjoy!
    Hi everyone, Lily here. Look at this video on Youtube! I think it's pretty funny. Here it is...
Disclaimer: This is not a legitimate service. Don't sue them for talking about slavery. :)
I love this random site about randomness!
The first in the comment box who guesses correctly who posted this gets to come up with a character in my currents story Away To L.A.  

    The title came from me thinking about a song I heard in Gnomeo and Juliet. So, hello, hello, everyone! I'm going to make some changes to my paper doll posting habits.
1. I will post consistently- once a week, at least. Probably on Tuesdays, but if I can't I will on Monday or Wednesday.
2. I will not keep making new doll characters every time. Meaning, I still will draw one time paper dolls, like Lily Evans, but not every time, only about once a month. Other than that, I'll draw one fantasy, one realistic, one cartoonish or historical, and one one time doll a month.
3. I will add categories to my paper dolls, so you can find a specific one quickly.
4. I may color some on the computer, once I get that worked out.
5. I just felt like adding a five to odd it out. Umm... I'll try to make them better?

I hope this helps with the website. About me- nothing much. I got ducky earrings at Claire's on Sunday! They're really cute- I'll post a picture later. Earrings are my favorite jewelery. I have these big purple flowers, little ladybugs, lots of studs and dangly ones (which I like better than studs), etc., etc. My friend has Eiffel Tower earrings- she got them at Claire's too, but they weren't there when I went. Okay, that's all.


Its me, Fluffy! I really wanted to show the music video that I really wanted to show everyone at Lily's house. But, no sweat, I got the time now while I was working on my science project. I'm just done working on for today. I know, I didn't get too far. :(
Anyway, I feel sleepy at 9:35 P.M. at night. That is not stopping me to show you my favorite music video/the song right now! It's Grenade by Bruno Mars. He has a cool name but I wonder where he got it from because his real name is Peter Gene Hernandez! It is really weird. But, check out the song! the end in really sad, I think that lady is mean, cruel and sad! She is stupid. Well, at least the person he was talking about, not the actress. peace!
P.S. I know i copied Ice Cream, but I think she said it was okay at Lily's house.
    Hi everyone, Lily here. Fluffy and Ice Cream went home. After three or four hours, we couldn't figure out how to make a Flash dress up game. I'll try again later. Much later. Anyway, since nobody really cares about the Stuff We Heart page, we're going to delete it, and only do links in blog sidebars. Sorry if you like it- which I kind of doubt. Well, that's all for now. We made a Rent A Slave video- we'll post it soon. Maybe. Bye!

P.S. Kate and Eleanore, please tell me how you want the doll and story by Tuesday at least, or I might not be able to do them. :)
    Hi, it's all of us but Silver, who didn't do her social studies homework and couldn't come over. So it's Lily, Icy, and Miley. (We found an abbreviation for Milestone Walk. Fluffy loves it!) (No I don't! I don't want to be related to Miley Cyrus.) So, nothing much. We put up Miley's first paper doll. (Stop it! I'm not Miley!) We're working on some new stuff for the site, (and doing homework) more later.
A lot of you probably know this song by Jay Sean.  
I know its supposed to be more romantically linked but it can be interpreted between any two people really.  It reminds me that sometimes we don't talk to people or see them for a while.  That isn't always our faults, but sometimes we forget about those friends.  If there is a friend around who you haven't talked to in a while try simply saying hi.  If you find it a bit awkward just remember all the times you had together.  

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  Hey!  Do you watch this show on Nickelodeon called House of Anubis?  If you do, you are probably, like me, wondering if there will be a season 2.  If you don't know what I am talking about,  its basically a show about a a girl named Nina who moves into a boarding house when she wins a scholarship.  The same day she arrives however, another girl named Joy disappears.  This makes Joy's friend Patricia suspicious.  Initially, a lot of people are mean to her, including the strict house master Victor.  Patricia even goes far enough to lock Nina in the attic.  She discovers some secrets about the house and a conspiracy involving some of the teachers.  Anyways, the season finale was on Saturday, but it is still unknown if there will be a season two.  Don't you hate it when good shows are cancelled really quickly?  

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