Hi guys, Silver here. (Ssshhh! I'm supposed to be doing homework!) I just wanted to let you know some good news and bad news. The good news is that I finally finished Kate's contest prize poem! It is about a dinosaur and a strawberry man that fall in love (she requested it on a chat with Lily and myself). I will be putting it up on the short stories page Right Now! The bad news is that although I have the middle part of the first chapter of my story done, I have run out of ideas for the beginning and the ending, so it'll take some time until I put it up. Sad, right? Once again, check out Kate's contest prize poem, which can be found on the short stories page!
Hasta Luego! (See you later!)
Hola, muchachos! It's Silver; you know you love me.Sorry about the lack of posts from me lately, I've just been so swamped with work, work, and well, more work.It's not fun. At all. On the bright side, I've been staying after-school with my Lit. teacher, who I think is totally awesome, and working on my story, which I've had in my head since May, 2011.I have almost finished writing the outline for the first chapter (it's extremely detailed), and I just need to work on the beginning and the ending.Strangely enough, I tend to write the middle part first.... I know I'm crazy; my only consolation is that I will never reach the level of craziness that Ice Cream and Fluffy possess. I don't want to give away too much about my story, but I will tell you this: the aliases that we Moonstones use will be featured in the story.It will be a multi-chaptered story, and I plan on illustrating parts of it....Lily and I have been chatting over the past weekend, and she gave me a lot of help with ideas for the story; we also sent each other pictures of pretty dresses to be featured in it. I would love to stay and post more, but I have a lot of work to get done. Pity it won't do itself....
Hasta Pronto!
The title of this post reads: "Hello people who are reading this post!"
    Hiya, gals. (And guys?) Have you noticed anything new lately? If you haven't... I suggest you stop customizing the settings for viewing websites. It's rude. And annoying. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, good.
    Anyway, the new thing is the cursor! It's a WAND! ("Baton" is "wand" in French.) I got the idea from Kate's new website, 101 Crazy Things. (They have something up, by the way. And Kate told me she also kicked an onion down the sidewalk. All onions deserve that fate. Horrible tasteless things.) The cursor there is a cute little watermelon thingie. I was a bit confused about how to put it up at first, because I wasn't sure if when I pasted it into custom html if it would only extend to the limits of that box or not... oh, never mind. So if you've got your own blog, or Tumblr, or whatever, it's quite easy. If it's a drag-and-drop website or blog with a custom html option, use that and paste the html from the cursor site you are using into the box. Voila! (It's NOT "wala." Anyone who thinks it is is an idiot.) If you can access the raw html, just stick it in there somewhere.
    I have nothing else to talk about. I think I'm getting a sore throat. You may have notice I haven't written a story in forever. I've been writing fanfictions lately, so you might want to check that out. I've memorized the first three paragraphs of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Yay me. I'd show you, but you probably wouldn't believe me if I typed it. I don't want to do a video either. All my fanfictions are rated K, by the way. I might have K+ sometime, but probably nothing more than that.
    If you're looking for something new to read, I recommend 13 Gifts, by Wendy Mass. Icy lent it to me and it's a really good book. I know someone named Tara.
    Please recommend a good book if you have one. I've run out.
    I've randomly hidden a link in this post. Don't click on it. I'm going to do that for a contest one day- hide links in a paragraph and make them the same color as the text and dare you viewers to find them all.




_    Ello, everyone. I meant ello as in "hello" with a Cockney accent, but seeing it capitalized without the ' in the beginning brings back a certain memory.
    So today, my younger sister was reading my second-grade journal. You know, the ones they make you keep in elementary school. I was talking about my Christmas presents and mentioned this toy called Ello. It's kind of a girls' version of Lego, and it's really fun. Anyway, I got one of those for Christmas in second grade and played with it. One day a couple months ago in dance class. one of my friends was playing with two Ello pieces. and we struck up a conversation about Ello. Rather pointless memory, but it fills up space here. :D You see? It doesn't work in this font. It's like typing, 'Yo dawg, you from da hood?" in this font. See how out of place that looks?
    I've been so bored lately. I don't feel like doing anything. We have so much homework. I finished reading all of teenage.tradgedy's fanfictions, and now I', kind of lost. Does anyone recommend a good Fanfiction.net author? Or a good book?
     You see, I'm so boring I have nothing to write about now. So I'll just go. But before I do I'll tell you that I'm working on memorizing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I've got seven sentences memorized so far.
(If we change the theme to one with a white background and you can't read who it is above, this is Lily. My alias looks so awesome in this font. :D, dawgs.)
  Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in two weeks.  I've just been busy for a bit so I finally found some time today. 
Bad news, Adele is taking a break from music for a bit for love.  She doesn't want to risk losing her love for work but personally I think an opportunity like this comes once in a life time and she's risking it all for a relationship that could possibly take a wrong turn, but I respect her decision, although I will be upset that she will not be putting out any new music for a while. 
  Silver had her birthday party last weekend, we saw "The Woman in Black" because Daniel Radcliffe was in it. :) It was good although its a bit scary.  If you're prone to nightmares watching it might not be a good idea.  Well, I suppose that's all for now so laters.
~Ice Cream out!

I'm about to scream... I just wrote a thousand word post and published it, and somehow it is replaced by the random thing below. I'm not going to rewrite it. -Lily

By the way, Fluffy , this is what happens when you try to post while I am.
First of all,
Thanks for understanding Silver! (Sarcasm) But, back to the main point! I'm proud to say that I could keep my promise for this week. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVER!! Now you the same age as us, but only for a while. For anyone who has been waiting for a story by me (probably no one), it will be up by Sunday or tomorrow. I will also try doing the contest, which I totally volunteered for. Anyway, did anyone watch Zaid Ali in my last post? I want to know any other youtubers that you guys may know. I would love to hear. This weekend, Silver is had a party. Guess what we did? We watched a horror movie. Its called The Women in Black. Silver almost ripped my hand off during the movie because she was pulling so hard. Thanks Silver. I think the one who was most chill about the movie was Ice Cream. I'm guessing that Lily and I were equally scared. I think I'll go sleep now. I'm so tired, I just came home.
Fluffy :)
Hello people, this is Silver, and as the title clearly says, today is my birthday! I'm finally as old as the other Moonstones, who are all about 6 months older than me. I'm so glad that we finally got an answer posed to the question on the "For You" page. Congratulations Kate! You are the winner of our contest, which is now closed. Don't worry, we'll post another one soon; maybe Fluffy can decide this time, since we've all had a turn except for her. Good things have been happening this week, and the best one is that Fluffy is back! I know it seemed like she dropped off the face of the earth, but cut her some slack; she's been pretty busy from what I've heard. <Yawn> I'm sorry that I can't post more at the moment; it's getting pretty late and I'm tired. I'll be sure to post more when I'm free.
Hello Moonstones! A post from the worst moonstone here: Fluffy! I know, I haven't been posting much lately. I apologize a lot. My schedule has no time for anything except studying and going to extra curricular classes. I can promise you that I almost fainted this weekend because I had no strength. I also know that I have no right to have any excuses, so I'll stop talking about that stuff now. So, how has it been without Fluffy around? Way better than awesome, right? I mean, look at this place, one world: AMAZING!!! I can proudly say that I will post up a story by the end of this week. Even if I'm not posting on the website, it does not mean that I haven't been getting stuff for the website. I will also have a paper doll up by the end of this week and next week. Moving on. The Superbowl was this weekend, and the Giants won! Although I didn't really pay attention to the football part, I was wide awake during the ads part. Of course, with my homework on my lap. My favorite ad was the Doritos ad, what was yours? Also, did you guys know Zaid Ali? Well, to anyone who does not know him, I introduce Zaid! He is hilarious. This is one one of the videos he made. Although it is very "indian", it still has the jokes for you to understand.
So, was it funny? If it wasn't that funny, I'm very sorry. I promise I'll be posting much more. These are my objectives: 1. Post a story every week. 2. Post a paper doll every week. 3. Post every day, if not every other day. If you want me to do anything more, please comment on this, and I will gladly add it on to my list of objectives. For now, tat to all of the amazing moonstones.
Fluffy :)
Hola muchachos, it's Silver! (Miss me? No?! You make me sad...). Anyways, I am here to announce our new contest titled, you guessed it, "February's New Challenge!". The challenge is that you have to figure out what is peculiar about the pictures I used to create the website's new theme. My fellow Moonstones and I have given you a clue to figure out the first half of your answer, and said clue can be found on the "For You" page of the website. The challenge prizes are yet to be decided, and I will post as soon as they are decided. I have to ask, do you guys have any suggestions for the prizes (reasonable ones, of course)? As for the answers you have to the challenge, you can either email them to us (our email can be found on the "Home" page) or they can be posted as comments to this blog post.
Hasta Luego!
<3 Silver