I'm trying to update more blog posts than needed, because I can't put up short stories right now. 
Guessing by the title, you can tell that we have a project on our hands.  So, basically Lily, Nimrod and I were experimenting with garage band, (music making software), on my computer by testing the tuning effects and instruments.  Unfortunately, a song has not been written yet so we can't actually record a theme, and even though I see Silver and Lily from time to time, I haven't seen Fluffy for ages, and all four of us haven't a chance to meet. Writing a song has been quite difficult.  I have quite a bit of studying and schoolwork as do the other gal pals, and in the time that I do, I am unable to come up with something that doesn't sound stupid or like a theme for a tv show written for little children, (of course the Arthur theme could be an actual song).  I'd like a theme song that obviously is about the Silent Moonstones, but could also be a regular song, or something fun and creative. Of course all the moonstones will be singing, and we may feature Nimrod! Here are the few weird lyrics I could come up with: (they could be lines in a rap, or simply the main chorus as well), some of these are spelled wrong on PURPOSE! 
Hush Up, the Moonstones are in da house!
Do ya wanna be a moonstone? Do ya really wanna?
We are the silent moonstones. (so creative right?)
Don't talk, don't say a word, hush up!
Mmmm-Mooooonstone! mmm mmm Moooooooooonstone! Yo dawg, Nimrod here and I wanna tell you a little somethin, can ya hear me?
That's all I got so far, I know its laughable but the theme will be pretty good. (I hope!)
Later chiquitas! 
~Ice Cream Out!
   Recently I find myself making song references when I see or hear someone say a word or phrase from a song, which is purely coincidental for them.  I just wanna party all night long.  Right now I don't have anything specific so I'm just typing the classic random gibberish you've been missing.  Today in science class my teacher was talking about potatoes, (we were learning about carbon based stuff), and my friend and I started laughing.  Which of course, is very weird and random but we had a very long discussion about potatoes at lunch (she thinks they are gross).
I meant to publish this yesterday so I am sorry this is late.
~Ice Cream is O-U-T OUT!
Hey guys,
It's me, Fluffy. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but i have a great excuse: HIGH SCHOOL! I'm sure the other moonstone's know how high school is, especially in 9th grade. I think they are dealing with it very well, but I, on the other hand, am freaking out, and stressing over everything. I want to post more, but I NEVER get the time. I have dance, and we have a dance recital coming up. I'll make sure that every visitor can get to see the amazing dance side of me (which isn't me). I think I have everything under control in school business. Did you know, today's the only day I have homework from only 2 classes. That's got to be a record. Oh well, enough about school, right?
Anyway, anyone know whats coming up very soon? Well, I think you all know. Maybe, not everyone. I don't know. For all of you who don't know me, I'm Fluffy, the stupid, boring one. Maybe all groups need that. But, I love everyone of my moonstones.
Little question. P.S. I would love some feedback.
Question: What do you love, and what do you think about my boring side? (the first question is better, although it is very broad. I'm sure everyone can handle it.)
I love everyone ~Fluffy Puppy
(I already know about the weird name, but you are still free to comment.) :)
I'm such a bad girl! I went with my friend whose in seventh grade to some "hangout", even though its only for middle school age.  Yea, I know I probably shouldn't have, but it wasn't like I could go home.  But, it was kind of boring.  She had 2 of her close friends there, but they brought school friends, and you know how those things go.  Then an hour before closing we had to go play a game, which was pretty boring. 

I'm so happy that my science grade has gone up! I think it might be higher than my orchestra average which is kind of low right now!  I'm used to that class being a free hundred but we have playing and written quizzes every week which is ridiculous.  But, I got a good grade on a playing test recently so I'm hoping that will help.   

  I finished my book which means I need to get the next in the series, which isn't in my school library.  Seriously, who does that?  We had a pep rally on Friday again, and we did better than last time, of course a bunch of people were still standing there awkwardly afraid to scream and all, but it'll get better.  Also, my throat hurt after and my hearing had been partially blocked out, like everyone else's.  Our school has a burrito bar! I was so happy!  Toodles!
~Ice Cream out!
    Hi guys, Silver here! I'm sorry I haven't been posting for a while; I've just been so busy with projects, essays, and tests so far. High school is definitely not fun...
    I promise you guys will be seeing a paper doll soon (meaning in less than 2 weeks), and it will be modeled after my school's uniform (yes, my high school has a uniform; it's a charter school). I'm so glad it's the weekend; it gives me plenty of time to start writing a few stories; some of them will be one-shots, and some of them will be chapter-ed. I promise I'll have at least one of them up by tomorrow.    
    High school has not been fun without the other Moonstones, and I really miss them all. I only see Ice Cream in our music and dance classes outside of school, and I haven't seen Lily or Fluffy in a really long time!
    On the bright side, the weekend is finally here! I love the weekends so much; I practically live for them. My weekend usually goes in the same pattern: goofing off and not doing any homework until late Sunday night, when I remember I had homework, and eventually stay up until midnight trying to finish it.
    Its become a routine for me to do this. In fact, my brother and my dad like to place bets on how long I'll put off doing my homework and they also like to bet on how late I'll stay up doing it... I have such a wonderful family.
    Be on the lookout for posts from Lily and Fluffy, and maybe even some paper dolls or short stories. I can almost guarantee new additions to the random page from Ice Cream.
Ok, I haven't updated in ages, I had so much to say about the HP7 movie premiere which I went to with Lily and Nimrod, my school, and Pottermore.  So let's get down. 
1) Premiere was amazing even though we were all sad and emotional at the end of it.  I wish Silver had been there. I also went on vacation afterwards, and I visited the Walmart capital where my aunt and uncle live, I also went to Texas to visit some other relatives and we went to the Dr. Pepper factory.  They constantly made fun of coke there, (it was in good humor but they probably meant it), obviously they didn't know I was from Georgia! 
2) School has been great and all, it was difficult at first, but I made friends and we all get along with each other generally.  Of course there's always that kid or few kids no one can stand, but no school is perfect.  Although I lack the large harry potter fanbase I was used to back at my old school. 
3) I got into over the summer and got my welcome email recently.  I'll admit to being a bit disappointed with the lack of interaction  but since I'm a beta tester they'll probably look into my feedback as well as the other beta testers who had similar responses.  I was sorted into hufflepuff! Although I was surprised I'm cool with it, since I do have many traits of that house, (kindness, loyalty, tolerance, fairness, hard working), and Lily is in Hufflepuff too.  Silver and Fluffy don't have beta accounts but they'll join in October when its open to all.  If you have a beta account, leave your username in the comments, and I'll send you a friend request, or you can send one to me, my username is RiverWitch15.  If you don't have one, we can join up in October. 
Away to L.A. is currently on hiatus, sorry guys, even though I haven't been updating anyways, but I'll get back to it.  Lily and I wrote a personality quiz a while back, while Silver wrote a which Silent Moonstone are you quiz which we will get up when we can.  I believe that Lily is working on a sorting quiz for the Hogwarts Houses, but I'll have to get back to you on that. 
I've been hooked on certain television shows, and also my current novel series is The Secret Circle. 
I know the author also wrote Vampire Diaries, and I'm a little but prejudiced about vampire stories.  But it came before the vampire trend, including Twilight and I've heard its a lot better than Twilight, plus this series is pretty good too.  Its about a secret coven of witches in a town called New Salem.  It doesn't come close to Harry Potter(obviously, who can?), or Percy Jackson but its still a pretty good book, and they are making it into a televison show.  I actually found out about the show first and wanted to read the series because Phoebe Tonkin is going to be in the show and I planned on watching it, but from the description and the number of characters cut out, its going to be changed a lot.  That's all for now!
~Ice Cream Out!

Hi guys, Silver here! As you probably guessed from the title of this post, I have a riddle for you guys.

Here goes:
Imagine you are in a house, no doors, no windows, no way out. How do you get out?

Email us with your answer!

The prizes are as follows:
1. A short story written in the genre that you choose, and about the topic that you choose.
2. A paper doll about whatever theme you want, done by me.
3. (Still thinking about this one...)

<3 Silver

    Hi guys, Silver here? How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine was okay, I guess... Anyways, I was just thinking, (I know, I almost never think)  and I thought of another contest that will probably start in about a week or so, after the current contest ends.
    This is the contest: I would like for you to send us a picture that represents autumn. It can be a picture of anything, such as scenery, pumpkins etc... The winner of the contest gets to choose what they want as a prize. Here are the options (which are still subject to change):
1. A paper doll of any theme you want (done by Silver)
2. A story (one shot or chaptered) written with the theme of your choosing.
3. (I'm still thinking of a third prize; I'll let you know one the contest is officially posted)
Hasta Pronto!
- Silver

    That means my birthday, by the way. This is Lily... First of all, thanks SO MUCH, Silver, for the birthday greetings! I miss you too! Every time I see someone with long, curly black hair I rush up to the them and almost tap them before I remember that you're not here.
    Kate also wished me earlier- she remembered my birthday was in August and gave me mental balloons. Thanks Kate!
    My birthday was pretty good- I had to go to school though, It was good while eating cake and jelly beans and getting presents and stuff, but not while doing homework and that stuff. My cake was the same as last year- a big ice cream sandwich. It was some genius in my family's idea to put it in the fridge, so it kinda melted. Then when we tried to cut it, most of the ice cream squished out. It was delicious though, and pretty, even if it was messy. You know, last year we couldn't cut it, this year it's too soft. Weird.
    Fluffy gave me presents- some body spray, gum. and hand sanitizer. My favorite was the hand sanitizer, though it smells strange. It has those cool little blue spheres in it. My daddy got me jelly beans- the 31-flavor Jelly Belly pack. I ate it all and got a tummy ache. It was so good though!
    The morning went really badly- I couldn't find clothes or my contacts. While I was putting my contact in, my parents gave me an orange cupcake with a candle in it. I thought it was a real fire for a second because my vision was blurry. Then my contact came out and I saw it was a cupcake. :D It was delicious, btw.
    I'm starting to think and talk like Laurie Halse Anderson writes- stupidly and terribly, no offense to anyone who likes her writing. I find her book Speak boring, stupid, badly written, and pointless like a new pencil.