Hi everyone, it's Lily! I will explain why everyone but me has posted below. Right now, I will explain why this post is so weird and disorganized. I typed the bottom part of this post downstairs, on my iPod. I would have downloaded Weebly for iPhone, but our Apple account is asking us to answer security questions, and we've never got around to doing it. My laptop, the one I am typing on right now, came out of a coma a while back, but will never be the same again. It does not work unless it is plugged in, and it is probably nearing the end of its life. And I wasn't really using it much.
    I meant to post what I had typed downstairs (You may like to know that I am currently upstairs.) a few days ago, but I got sick. You probably don't understand how momentous this is. I haven't been this sick in probably three years. Well, at least during the school year. I know that because I left school once for sickness in seventh grade, but I wasn't really that sick, I just wanted to go home... seventh grade is a long story. Don't ask.
    My sister was sick first. She had probably the same thing I have now, but she tends to get sick kind of often. I'm not sure why. So it wasn't as unusual. Right after she recovered, I got sick. With the exact thing she had. I am not kidding. Almost exactly the same symptoms. Yesterday, I was really cold and had a really bad headache. This morning, I wasn't as bad, but I was still really cold... why am I typing all this? You probably don't even care. But I have to finish what I start, right? I was better about mid-afternoon, but then my head started hurting again, and then I fell asleep and had really crazy dreams where I paid for a movie with bobby pins. (Don't ask. It's not that crazy compared to some of Silver's, where apparently we all yell about income tax.) And then I felt like I was holding things that kept changing shape... it was weird. My hands were really red. And I was having the most random thoughts. Ugh.
    (By the way Silver, the new Weebly layout is pretty cool. It incorporates more code, I think, which means we might be able to personalize the site more. At least it autosaves. I have had some bad experiences with that.)
    Nexxus Split End Binding Shampoo Stuff does not work. I sort of did this experiment- it doesn't work. It doesn't even make the split ends stick- it just makes them come together so they don't look like split ends. Liars. I wasn't expecting it to work, but I was expecting more than this. As for why I got it in the first place? Ask Silver.
    I am going to go now. You can read what I wrote a few days ago below, under the divider. By the way, I've been watching Switched at Birth and Jane By Design lately. I was also watching Make It Or Break It, but I think I started watching just before the last episode aired. You can watch full episodes on ABC Family's website. Normally I'd include a link, but I really don't want to right now. Bye!

P.S. (Which stands for postscript) I am thinking about actually writing Crystal Waves. Search for it in the search bar. If it works.

Hello, everyone, it's Lily. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, and that's kind if hypocritical of me, because I've been pushing everyone else to post. But I really have nothing to blog about- I've barely done anything this summer. I did go to Arizona, but it was just for a couple of days. My cousin had a baby (who is the cutest thing ever) and we went to see them. We also went to the Grand Canyon- for a day. Maybe I'll show you some pictures later.  My grandparents came over. I've been trying to learn how to crochet, and while I am struggling with a single crochet stitch, my grandma has crocheted a scarf with little holes that spell out my name. It's so amazing.  I have been wanting to redecorate my room for a while now. I should really say "decorate," not "redecorate," because my room is not really decorated right now. Unless you consider some well-placed glow-in-the-dark stars and a few Harry Potter posters to be decorations. I don't. I have watched a couple room tours on YouTube, and I really, really want to decorate.  My room is really small. Like my-queen-bed-takes-up-half-of-it small. I don't know why. Everything except the bedrooms (excluding the master bedroom, where one could possibly raise a whale) is really large and airy. I guess there just wasn't enough space. I don't really spend very much time in my room, but I might if it looked the way I wanted it to. If this ever happens, I'll show you pictures. Maybe I'll even do a room tour video.           ;)               -Lily

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