Hi everyone, it's Lily. I know I haven't posted in a while, and it really is because I don't have much to post. This summer has been really different than past ones, because of some changes. (Obviously.)
    I am trying to do my summer homework, but it's so frustrating. Currently, I am taking notes on A History of the World in Six Glasses. It's actually quite interesting, but taking notes on it is awful because it's full of information and I have urges to write down every detail. And I do.
    My sister has this amazing book of crafts you can do with paper. We made a pencil cup from it, and it looks amazing! You can see it on our Instagram and Twitter. Please comment if you would like me to do a tutorial!
    Speaking of comments, I think there's a glitch in Weebly. According to the unique visitors graph, we have had a thousand visitors several days this month. I don't think that's possible, because NO ONE COMMENTS! So, thousand visitors, if you really are there, COMMENT!
    I really have nothing else to say. So bye.
    Parfait is sundae in French. In American English, it means a weird combination of fruit, yogurt, and granola.

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