HELLO!!!!!!!!! Long time, no blog :( Sorry from Fluffy to our amazing visitors. Anyway, How is everyone's summer? Yes, I have been out for a while and I never got a chance to update my silently chic page.I thought it was kinda funny that there was a poll about the page.I wonder who the person was who said that we have to wait a little.I guess we did have to wait a little. Well, the plan succeeded.It has been a while since summer started, and I bet everyone is having a bunch of fun! Unlike you are like me, taking summer classes. Basically, summer for me was only for 2 weeks since school ended!Yes, my summer online class (that I probably forgot to mention before) started, and it will end on June 13.I'll still have a few weeks after the class ends, but I would like the whole summer to rest for SOPHMORE YEAR!!!! Even with that aside, that's not the only thing on my plate for summer :(I'm still taking dance classes and my teacher told me that we have a huge performance coming up!AHHHH!! Apparently, there will be popular stars there also! I hope everything goes good for me, wish me luck!! ^.^
What about you guys??I know I always ask, but I never get replies :'( I know that it is creepy to ask like that, but sometimes, it seems like I'm blabbing and everyone is quietly listening because they have to.Well, I wish you guys would tell us more about yourselves through the comments, so that this would be a website where not only us, the Moonstones, but also the viewers can participate!I hope to hear from you guys!!!
*ruff* ^.^

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