When I was smaller, we got this photo album. It is orange and has NOSTALGIA on the cover. There is an illustration of a woman on the cover. I used to think the woman's name was Nostalgia.
    Ah, little me. I was such an interesting kid.
    So, anyway, I was looking through some of our old posts and I felt so sad. Now we're older, and bad kids now, and yeah. We're not together anymore- it's so SAD! I used to force them to talk about the website and Fluffy would sigh loudly and obviously and I'd slap/lecture her.
    Now we have so much work that we barely get time to post. Even ME. I'm being such a hypocrite.
    Well, I added an archives thing because I was getting tired of scrolling and pressing "previous posts."
Here are some of my favorites for you to read again:

Our First Post Ever!
 No. I'm sooo tired and not done with homework yet.

Watch this: Interview with a one-year old

`Oh, it's me.
                    -Lily out. REBELLION OF THE MAGICAL RABBITS!

(I know it sounds like something Icy would say, but it's a short story, and an allegory too at that. :))
(Those aren't double chins.)
    Oh, the things I come up with to replace "sorry."
    I feel like most bloggers have been neglecting their blogs lately. Not that it's their fault, I understand completely. <sigh>And I don't even have excuses left for why I don't draw or write or post. I hope to get some stuff done over Thanksgiving. I have a project to do, but it's a very creative project, so I'll have fun with it. I'll explain more about it later.     So, all I've been thinking about lately is something Icy, Nimrod, and I are going to do over winter break. I'm super excited, as it's my first time, and we're all going on vacation together. I won't say exactly what we're doing until near the time we live; I don't want to jinx it. I'm going to be doing a travel journal during vacay, to practice a bit of photography and creative writing. I'm thinking about putting it under a separate page, not on here.
    I've noticed that whenever we post, about a hundred people visit. That's super, and I'll try to post more often now.
    So the project is to read a college-level book and produce an academic response to it. (You'll be surprised what's college-level these days. I read Out of the Dust in sixth grade, and there it was on the list.) I'm doing a scrapbook of the symbolism in A Tale of Two Cities. The book is a little hard to understand, and really long, but I like it. I have this really great idea for it- I'll show pics after it's graded.
    Oh my god, all I want to talk about is that thing, but I can't! I keep talking about it to Nimrod and she probably thinks I'm a nut, but Icy will understand. She's coming over on Thanksgiving with Nimrod, so we'll try to make a video then.
    I don't have a phone yet. :( Well, technically, I had one before any other Moonstone did, but I "lost" the charger because it was so... ugh. But when I do get a phone, it's going to be like the awesomest (NEOLOGISM!) ever.
    Uhh... that's all. I have a headache. Idk why.. it's only 10:42, and I slept in. I woke up at 6.
    I hope you've guessed, but- Lily out! War!
  I know its been ages since I posted.  Sorry dudes.  Today I had to stay home sick. :(  Yesterday I was feeling awful around 11:30 but I stayed in school anyway.  I got home and I went to the doctor.  So my headache, fever, stomachache, and many other symptoms are gone now, but I still have strep throat and have to miss school. 
Yea I know it sounds kind of ridiculous to be complaining about missing school, but there is so much makeup work, especially now we're in high school.  Terrible timing too.  I have 3 quizzes today which I have to make up before the holiday starts next week.  Oh Joy.  Today I was pretty bored and not sleepy so I spent a bunch of time doing stuff on my phone.  My mum isn't home right now either. 
On a positive note, I am excited for Black Friday, because I need to get some new stuff.  I know not very specific, or a very convincing reason to be up at 3 in the morning, but people can be crazy.  
I downloaded a Harry Potter ringtone!  So excited! 
Again, people can be crazy, (with good reason). 
This was a pretty short post but I will be back soon, I have some studying to do. (ugh) 
~Ice Cream Out!
    Ah, Halloween. The only time of the year when you can trample people's lawns and proceed to demand candy and they won't call the police.
    I'm just kidding; I don't have such a cynical view of Halloween. Silver's rubbing off on me. Gasp! Must shower. (JK, Silvey.) How about my view from a literary perspective?
    A red leaf dances to the ground as we pass by, dressed as anything from witches to geishas. The four of us swing our bags happily, listening to the sound of candy shaking inside them. As we stroll to the next street, we see a mismatched bunch- a butterfly, a zombie, a boy (presumably) with dark robes and a scream mask, a pirate. Who could be hiding behind thi-
    I'm done. That was terrible. I was a witch! I had a black cardigan and a black tunic and jeans. I also had a witch hat and red lipstick. The lipstick creeped me out.
    I should be finishing something right now. I'll post more later. Bye!