Hey everyone, it's Lily! Long time no type. I promise I will get my computer fixed soon. Don't worry, you can't get rid of me that easily! I finished the doll for Liana, I will scan it almost-ish right when my computer is fixed. I don't think the search engine is working, I will check that out. I have a recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies!


1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg (I use egg replacer, it works perfectly well.)

1. Mix all the ingredients. Doi. While you're at it, preheat the oven to 360
2. Split the mixture into twelve balls and place on a cookie sheet.
3. Press the balls down with the tines of a fork, creating a criss-cross pattern.
4. Bake for eight minutes.

I've made them, they're quite good, but very rich. They're great with milk! I have a suggestion- if you don't want them to crumble so much, replace some, but not all, of the sugar with honey. It will probably help them stay together. 

Bye, I'm bored now. I'm on three-way with Icy and Fluff, and they're being very, very boring. D:

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~Ice Cream Out!
  Did I forget to mention that we have a new summertime contest?  You must write a summertime poem and submit it to our email by the 21st of June.  Winners will be announced on our half birthday celebration!  Go to the contest page for more details on entries and requirements of poem. 

Did you notice I changed the theme?  I know its not June yet, but schools out, and its almost June anyways, so I decided to change the theme to summer! 
~Ice Cream out!

Our testing is finally over, and school ended yesterday!  Its so sad at the same time though, because I won't see a bunch of people ever again.  I went to a birthday party for one of my good friends at some jump place and we had a blast!  I do think we will atleast get together some time, we didn't want that to be the last time we ever saw each other.  The Moonstones are being sent to different high schools!  Fluffy and Lily will be going to the same school, and I will be going to a different one.  Silver was originally going to my school, but she also be attending a different one.  Fortunately, we also know each other outside of school, so we will still meet! 

On a happier note, I saw Kung-Fu Panda 2 on Thursday, it was awesome!  A few things from the previous movie are explained in this one.  Judging by the ending, I am assuming that there will be atleast another movie.  I don't want to say too much, just incase many of you plan on seeing it, but I will tell you, the basic plot, is Po has to stop a new dangerous enemy who might end kung-fu as we know it, and plans to rule all of China.  Po is also disturbed by memories of his forgotten past, which he must overcome to seek inner peace. 
Peace out!

~Ice Cream out!

Hey guys,
Looks life Fluffy will make it to post. We all are very sorry for not posting. All of us were busy with finals that had to be on the last week of school! Can you believe it? I hate that only the 8th graders had to study even before the last day of school. It is hard to believe, I know. Anyway, I got a lot of people to sign my yearbook, and I signed like too many if you ask me. I have to say my early apologies, I will be leaving to the country soon. School starts on August 15, and I will be back on August 8. Awesome, right? I'm visiting my cousins. I have not left in 5 or 6 years. It feels like ages. Oh, I will be leaving on June 2. I will try to post if I can while I'm on this leave. I hope you forgive me. Oh, another HUGE shock and a bit of a coincidence, there will be rain on the last day of school! It has rained on every single "last day of school"! At our school, we get to dunk our teachers. We couldn't dunk them last year and not even on the last day at that middle school. I will also be missing a bunch of my friends. Ice Cream and Silver are going to different High School's. I will be crying on the last day of school. See, I'm crying write now. Well, enough from me, what about your last week of school. Post on this and tell me what your last week or last day of school was or is. I hope to hear from you soon!
See ya,
Fluffy Puppy
P.S. Who is going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2? I know I will!! It is with my brother. Ugh

Sorry its been forever since I last posted.  Currently Silver is probably still in the airport waiting to get on her plane, so you probably won't hear from her for a while.  I don't know when Lily or Fluffy wil get on, but since our end of term testing is finally OVER!  We can now post regularly.  I'l try to get more posts up each week.  Fluffy will get on soon I hope, and Lily will try to get her computer fixed.  I'll put up another post, tommorow is the last day of school!  I sign everyone's yearbook with a weird random saying, like watch out for aliens!  Toodles my poodles!
Sorry this is a really short post, I'll be back soon!  This summer will not be a bummer.  Join us on June 23, the silent moonstone half-birthday celebration!  We will be holding contests, polls and new stories for you!  
~Ice Cream out!
Sorry, excuse my bad grammar but I was quoting a song I knew, which you probably know too.  And like in the song, we are excited for Friday because we are partying.  Only difference is that this is a dance at school and we aren't going to drive to it.  I'm sorry I've been talking about it a lot, but its kind of like a end-of-term thing so it'll be the last time for a while that we will get together with all of our classmates.  We also have talent show that day, and finals next week(ugh!).  I really want to take them this week so we can have fun for the remaining time.  I'll have a new chapter up soon, I promise.  Lily's computer is a-wall, Silver will be unable to get on for a while, and I don't know what's up with Fluffy, but hey we never know half the time anyways, right?  I've noticed we haven't had a lot of visitors in a while and that makes me a bit sad.  I hope you will stay with us during the summer though.  I know Silver is going to be gone for a while over the summer, and will most likely not be able to post, and Lily will be gone for a week or two (I think), I don't know about Fluffy, but we will have relatives over and I will be gone for a week if everything goes as planned.  So, I can assure that the site will be receiving updates on a regular basis.  Thanks for reading my babbling.  Adios amigos
~Ice Cream Out!
Who doesn't love this movie, am I right?  This is my favorite disney song, my second favorite is probably "I just can't wait to be king" from Lion King. I love both those movies.  I think Jasmine and Mulan are the coolest princesses because they aren't the girls who are dreaming and waiting for their dream prince to come.  Anyways, here is "A Whole New World".
~Ice Cream Out!
Sorry, I just randomly felt like saying that.  I love you all.  I'm so sorry about Silvey and Fluff stuff.  Those lazy bobs.  (I've been calling people bobby, meanie bob, lazy bob, bobert, and billiam) Today we had our PBA and essay for our Spanish final.  I accidentally, said mis pets!  What the freak?  I did good on the essay though, we had to desricibe the morning routine.  My oral topic was a foreign exchange student was visiting so you decide to save a recording of you telling about yourself, school, family, what you and your family/friends like to do.  The prompt was easy, but we were so out of practice with this.  I probably messed up once or twice, but this doesn't count for the whole final,around 20%,  so I think my overall grade for the final will still be good.  Like I said, we have a dance coming up and I think all of us have dresses picked.  They're all pretty.  We also have talent show(ugh) and Silver and I have to perform in front of everyone. (gasp) I'd really like to get it over and done with, but I don't know how I'm going to be feeling when the time comes for us to get on stage. I have been trying to get Silver and Fluffy to update, but they have gotten lazy, and I can't create the fear Lily can, who can usually get them off their butts and onto the site.  Apologies my fellow followers, I know it must be difficult, but Lily and I are still here for you, when all others(Silver and Fluffy) fail to do so.  I love you all.  Place a comment for this post if you wish to send a shout out to those two.  Also, It might be a little while before you can hear from Lily, since her computer isn't working.  Don't worry though, she has you in mind and has never let the thought of our precious website, not having enough posts, unlike some people (cough cough, Silver and Fluffy).  Wish you farewell fellow brothers and sisters.  Peace Out! 

~Ice Cream out!
  Hey, I'm sorry this is late, but I couldn't really get on.  Yesterday, my brother got a piece of chicken stuck in his throat.  Luckily, he wasn't actually choking but still.  The idiot swallowed it though, so it was pretty likely for it to happen.  
    I'm studying for my Spanish final right now since its the first one I have.  I'm kind of excited for summer but also kind of nervous because I won't see my friends for a really long time.  Plus, we don't have any plans so far, except some relatives will probably visit so I can still look forward to that.  
  The school dance is coming up so a lot of people were busy these past few weekends looking for a dress, (the moonstones included.  The rules are absolutely ridiculous.  It literally said no limos.  Can you believe that?  We know this isn't a prom.  No need for them to put that.  Who would rent a limo?  
    This summer, since I'm probably not going anywhere, I'll be able to put up more posts. YAY!  

~Ice Cream Out!