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    Ch. 4
    Lye stared up ate the stars from her bamboo bed. Her nature themed room was an attempt to remind her of the forest where she had been born. It was filled with eco-friendly furniture and overgrown plants, plus a huge skylight provided her with the most possible natural light. But tonight, Lye barely saw her room. She was worried- would her plan work?
    Trya was so excited, she couldn't keep her eyes closed. When would the elves see their tribute? What would they think of it? I'll just go to the window and peek at it, she thought. Trya rolled out of her bed, ducking under the soft blue canopy. She walked to the window and almost had a heart attack. Someone was standing at their tribute.
    She slipped out the door. Taking extra effort so that her fUggs wouldn't snap twigs or rustle leaves, Trya made her way to the edge of the woods. The slim, shadowy, figure turned- and Trya gasped as she saw it's delicate, pointed, ears. But when she saw it's surprised hazel eyes and mouth open in a surprised "O", Trya let out a startled cry. Lye was holding the glass tube and a shovel. Suddenly, the faint moonlight faded and Trya felt herself falling.

Ch 5.
    Trya's lashes fluttered open. All she could see was a white haze. She blinked furiously, and Lye's frightened face came into focus. The previous events filtered back into her foggy mind. Trya turned away. Ughh, she thought. A rare migraine was visiting her. Why hadn't Lye told her the truth? She would have understood. Understood and helped her.
    Hot tears pooled behind Lye's eyes once more as Trya turned away form her. Lye had gone on autopilot when her best friend collapsed. In a burst of unusual strength, she had half-dragged, half-carried Trya home. There,s he had phoned her parents and tearfully spilled the complete story. The doctor had made a house visit, which frightened Lye so much she almost lost her dinner. His verdict was positive, but Lye still felt terrible and had sat over Trya all night.
    "Tri, I can explain. Please." Her words hung in the air as Trya closed her eyes and buried her face in the Pillowpet© Lye had given her. Then she changed her mind and put it in a different pillow.
    " I only told one other person before. She freaked, and we had to move. I still remember that look on her face. It was so.. scared, and.. condescending, and I just-"

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                                                                       Chapter 1: Surprise Attack
                 Blurriness shoots down my pupils. I have to get up! Where am I? What's going on? I have to know! Help me! I think with shock. I can't believe I survived that huge fire, though my pain and aching body shows and tells me that I have. It all started yesterday morning, as usual, I woke up at 7:00 in the morning, and I looked like a zombie. I could see that horrible look on my face that only get when nobody is around, I call it my zombie look. It scares me so much. Anyway, I quickly got ready and headed downstairs. Yesterday was the first day of school, so I wore my new favorite dark blue jeans with a gray and white striped tank top that had sparkles with a cropped gray shirt. I looked amazing! Well, that was what I thought. When I went downstairs, I saw m little brother, Nick. He was going to 4th grade, and looked like an angel, but was a devil in disguise. I was going to 9th grade though! Yes, I was a freshman, but I still had some senior friends that wouldn't pick on ME on Freshman Fridays.  
                "Come on sis! It's 7:45, you'll miss the bus if you keep on day dreaming! Why do you have to be such a nugget head!" Nick shouted across the room, obviously in a rush. 
                "All right! I'll be there!" I skipped across the room. "I can't wait!" I shout, grabbing the jelly smeared sandwich Nick made me. "See you later Nick, be safe!" I sing to my brother.   
                "Okay sis, now run! You'll miss the bus if you don't!" He responds back to me with joy of the "first day of school" spirit in his voice.
                "Come on! catch up Sarah!" Jane, my best friend for life, calls out to me. Suddenly, I hear a huge explosion sound. I turn around to take a look. I see that someone had attacked our house! 
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    Trya helped Lye cover the tube-enclosed letter in soil. They worked in tepid silence until Lye cleared her throat.
    "We should, uhh.. plant the flowers now."
    "Ya think?", Trya gasped sarcastically. The hole was three-quarters full. She flicked a bit of mud off of her sleeve. It landed on Lye's nose, who went cross-eyed and threw a weed at Trya. The two girls both started cracking up.
    Lye patted the moist, fluffy soil down. She relaxed- the moment of fear had passed. "Plaque!" she barked, trying to hide the shake of relief in her voice.
    "Yes, sir!" Trya mockingly saluted her, then bowed, bending almost double, and handing her the beautifully engraved plaque. Trya's dad had engraved the richly colored cherry wood in his workshop. Lye rolled her eyes, jabbing the sharp stake into the freshly dug earth. "We're do-one!" she trilled.
    "Chill, Maria!" Trya was making a reference to The Sound of Music. Lye didn't mind, it was like a compliment. That was her favorite movie.

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Here's the second chapter, everyone- enjoy!
   Trya squatted down next to her slightly loony friend. Lye had waist-length, light brown hair and a slightly pointed face. She had wide hazel eyes, a tiny, pert, nose, and a mouth that seemed way too small for all the words that streamed out of it. Her delicate features made her seem quiet and soft-spoken, but Trya knew better. Lye had hearing like a bat, but there was a strange thing about her. Trya had never seen her ears. Once, she'd playfully flipped Lye's hair, but Lye had shrieked and pulled away, covering her ears. Trya was so scared she hadn't pressed any further. Also, Lye turned green very often- not just when she was sick- when she blushed, too.
    Lye kept her eyes averted from Trya for a while. Not that Trya was ugly- in fact, she was far from it. Trya had narrow but intense green eyes, wavy, almost curly, red hair, a light sprinkling of freckles across her ski-sklope nose, and a heart shaped mouth- not at all unpleasant. Lye was just so startled. Ever since Trya had developed a strange little obsession for all things fantasy, Lye had been a bit scared. Did Trya suspect, or- god forbid- know the truth? She had almost figured out a few times- that time she'd almost seen her long, pointy ears, for instance. And that time when Lye couldn't resist turning all the dandelions into pansies, just for fun. Trya had almost  seen her whisper a few ancient words, and the grass was dotted with purple.
    Trya decided to try to break the sudden ice.
    "So, Lye, what do we put in it?"
Lye jumped, scraping her trowel against the side of the hole and releasing a flurry of brown specks. "Oh.. um, first we need the letter."
    The two girls had decided to try to catch a glimpse of some elves. Lye had taken charge, ordering this and that, a special letter to the elves, some wildflower seeds, an engraved plaque, and all manner of other things. Lye had decided to bury the plastic tube enclosing the letter and plant flowers over it, then place a sign over it notifying the elves what it was for. It wasn't a trap, as Lye kept insisting, it was a tribute. According to her, elves were too smart to fall for tricks.
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    Hi everyone, it's Lily. I was going to write a contest story, but there were some complications.. so here's a different story. It's kind of based on Ice Cream's story, but a bit different. I hope you like it! (Sorry, Ice Cream! But you copy me, I copy you. :) ) Trya is pronounced Tree-uh, and Lye is pronounced Ly-uh. I like funny spellings of names. Enjoy! Oh, and each chapter will be

    Trya looked up from the hole she was steadily digging. Her friend Lye was shouting her name and haphazardly waving a trowel and a large green bucket. Trya sighed and stood up, brushing soil off her loose, worn, jeans. "Lye, why can't you walk over here with a wheelbarrow and talk in a normal voice like, oh, I don't know, A NORMAL PERSON? Lye just grinned, showing off her perfect white teeth. "Oh, I'm not a normal human. But you know you love me anyway." Reaching down into her vast bucket, she pulled out a rake. "Here," she said, handing it to Trya.
    "Why, exactly, do I need a rake?"
    "To clear off the leaves and grass and stuff, nut." Lye said affiably, sweeping her long brown hair out of her face. "Elves like neat."
    "How do you know? Are you one?"
    The simple, teasing question seemed to make Lye nervous. She turned pale pinkish-green, quickly looked down, and started furiously digging. "Just do it!"
    Trya shrugged. Her friend sometimes went a little weird like that, but when she did she would usually snap back quickly.

    Lye's heart beat faster, much faster. Did she know? She managed to shoot back some reply- she barely heard herself say it- and quickly started digging. There had been more to her words when she said she wasn't a normal human. The truth was, she was indeed an elf.

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         Hey this is Ice Cream and I have chapter 2 for you.  Kylie goes to high school and then she meets the most popular girl in school...Kylie Stewart!  Lily and I had this idea at the exact same time!  She was like Kylie sounds like the name of a popular girl cause we were discussing characters and then she said it wasn't like we could have two Kylies; we then thought it would be cool to have a mean Kylie who didn't like Kylie Ellis because they had the same name!  She also thought of lots of things that could happen!  Well, I hope you like chapter 2!

Chapter 2
  Kylie nervously held her schedule.  This school was so big.  Her school was a small school with grades K-12 and one class per grade.  This was a high school that was probably 5x as big!  Maybe she would be lucky enough to make at least a few friends and no enemies.  She finally found her homeroom, J108:Mrs. Winky Proctor.  When she stepped inside the class a short middle-aged lady smiled warmly at her.  "You must be Kylie Ellis.  I'm Mrs. Proctor your homeroom teacher.  Why don't you go sit next to Kylie Stewart.  I'm sure you two will be great friends."  She motioned Kylie to an empty desk in the third row to the left of a pretty, blonde, and loud girl, surrounded by a large group of other kids.  Kylie walked towards her desk and said a loud, proud, and totally Southern sounding, "Hello!"  Kylie Stewart made no sudden sound or movement, neither did her friends.  They simply stared weirdly at her.  She continued on in a shaky voice, "I'm Kylie Ellis." 

Hey!  Since Kate won my contest, my next story is about a girl named Kylie Ellis who moves from a small town to L.A!
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  Chapter 1
  "Kylie come on!  We have to get a move on!"  She grabbed the last moving box from her bedroom and moved it into the truck.  She was, unlike her perfect sister Bianca and her overly optimistic mom, nervous.  Who wouldn't be?  Little Dragon-ville wasn't even on the map.  Soon, she would be in a large moving van away to L.A.  Her mom had just recently landed a great job.  She would provide food for the cast and crew of the most popular teen show on the network, Madison High.  Bianca saw this as her big break.  An actress on the show, Maria Jacobs was leaving to work on a movie.  Being the most popular person on the show had created many opportunities.  However, this meant she wasn't renewing her contract next season.  The studio was going to hold casting auditions for next season and Bianca saw her mother's new job as the opportunity to get friendly with the show's directors, writers, actors, and the rest of the crew.  Kylie secretly wished she could try out to, but there was no way.  She was more concerned about surviving the 10th grade. 

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  Chapter 6
Caroline stared at the window. Her mom was dropping her off at Liane's house.  She clasped the chain on her neck tightly.  The necklace was supposed to help her keep control of her transformation.  What if she couldn't?  As if reading her thoughts,  her mother reassured her, "Don't worry honey.  I had many of the same dilemmas as you. The necklace won't fail you."  Caroline was still worried though.  Even if she kept control of her transformation she would still be covered in lots of fur.  It wasn't like she could spend the night in Liane's bathroom so none of the girls would see her.  She finally arrived and nervously stepped out of the car with her sleeping bag in one hand and an overnight bag in the other.  Her mom went in with her an began stirring a conversation with Liane's mother about lasagna while she trailed to Liane's room where twelve other girls where waiting.  Liane squealed with delight.  "OMG you made it!  I knew my best friend wouldn't blow off my party!  She sighed and sat down on a pillow after wishing Liane a happy birthday.  Later on more girls arrived and everyone was gossiping, painting nails, and stuffing their faces with twinkies. Later after the pizza arrived, the girls all went down to the basement.  Although, she had three slices of pizza on her plate, she couldn't eat; they were watching a movie about werewolves haunting a town  filled with troublesome teenagers.  She was relieved when the movie was over, but it  wasn't for long when she noticed what time it was.  "Its pretty late Liane."  She said.  The girls all laughed.  She had expected this.  No one goes to bed at 11:30 when you are at a sleepover.  But what could she do?  At midnight her transformation would begin!  She faked getting sick and Liane's mom took her to the guest room.  "Its ok dear.  You can see them in the morning again."  Caroline felt relieved.  However, she hadn't noticed that her necklace had accidentley slipped off when she was in the basement!  
Hi guys, its Silver. This is my mystery story that I like to call 'Rational Explanation'. Enjoy!

    Rational Explanation

    Lightning flashed outside my window, while a bloodcurdling scream pierced the air, and everything went black. It felt like I was trapped in a never-ending abyss. I tried to think back to before my senses shut off.
    I vaguely remembered that I shot out of bed, wondering what the ruckus was about, and that was when I saw it; a ghostly figure floating in the air, just outside the open shutters. I didn't get to clear of a look at her, but I made out a stain of crimson on the bodice of her gown, close to her heart.
    It made no sense to me whatsoever. Ghosts didn't exist! I didn't notice when she zoomed in through my window and seemingly entered my body, effectively becoming a part of me. After that, my senses shut off.
    My brain whirred like a supercomputer, trying to find a rational explanation for what had happened. I kept trying to reassure myself that ghosts didn't exist, and that what I was experiencing right now was just an after effect of the lightning, or that maybe it was all a dream.
    I almost believed myself. Almost. To bad almost is never god enough. I absolutely refused to believe that anything supernatural had happened, yet all the evidence that I had gathered suggested otherwise.
    I couldn't just lie there refusing to believe what the evidence hinted at. I had to come to terms with the fact that some ghost from god knows where possessed me, and that she was taking control of my body.
    I resolved to fight. Fight to get my senses back, or at least a little control over my body. I don't take orders from anyone but myself. Someday, maybe not today, but someday, I will be able to look back on this incident and laugh about it. Preferably sooner, not later. But, for now, let the fight begin!

To Be Continued....

Hi guys, Silver here. This another on of the funny things that happen to Lily and I in gym class. This one is way funnier than the other one, at least, Lily and I think so.

    We were walking into the P.E. locker room, and I noticed the board outside said that we were going outside.
"Stupid coaches!" I muttered under my breath.
"Too true." agreed Lily.
    We got dressed out pretty quickly (at least, Lily did, because I had no desire to go out into freezing weather in my gym shorts) and before I knew it, we were on our way to the track.
"Its not fair that the coaches get to ride in the golf cart! Aren't the students supposed to come first? Preferably two, well, one amazingly talented student and her not so amazingly talented best friend" ranted Lily.
"Hey! I am just as talented as you!" I replied, indignant.
"That's debatable..." she said.
"I hate you. You know that right? Anyways, they only get the golf cart because they are way to fat to attempt walking, and I don't think my poor eyes could stand the sight of them actually trying to exercise..." I shuddered at the mental pictures streaming through my brain.
"True." she replied.
    We walked the rest of the way to the track in silence, and I noticed the large yellow buckets that the gym teachers were pushing out onto the track. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was the equipment we needed to play soccer, football, four-square, and Frisbee.
    One of the big yellow buckets was left on the track, and I had a strong urge to go and kick it.
"Can we go kick the bucket?" I asked Lily without realizing what it meant.
"Oh my god, Silver, you want to go die?!" she asked me in disbelief.
    I tried to tell her that I meant to literally go kick the yellow bucket on the track, but I was laughing to hard to do that. Lily, on the other hand, was really irritated, and she gave me a lecture on why I shouldn't commit suicide for the rest of the class period. I kept trying to tell her that I literally meant 'kick the bucket', but she misinterpreted me, and took that to mean that I literally wanted to die.

I AM NOT SUICIDAL! Just so you know. You should have been there with us, it really was hilarious!
From Lily-I knew she didn't want to die! I was just trying to annoy her. And it worked!