Hi guys, Silver here. This another on of the funny things that happen to Lily and I in gym class. This one is way funnier than the other one, at least, Lily and I think so.

    We were walking into the P.E. locker room, and I noticed the board outside said that we were going outside.
"Stupid coaches!" I muttered under my breath.
"Too true." agreed Lily.
    We got dressed out pretty quickly (at least, Lily did, because I had no desire to go out into freezing weather in my gym shorts) and before I knew it, we were on our way to the track.
"Its not fair that the coaches get to ride in the golf cart! Aren't the students supposed to come first? Preferably two, well, one amazingly talented student and her not so amazingly talented best friend" ranted Lily.
"Hey! I am just as talented as you!" I replied, indignant.
"That's debatable..." she said.
"I hate you. You know that right? Anyways, they only get the golf cart because they are way to fat to attempt walking, and I don't think my poor eyes could stand the sight of them actually trying to exercise..." I shuddered at the mental pictures streaming through my brain.
"True." she replied.
    We walked the rest of the way to the track in silence, and I noticed the large yellow buckets that the gym teachers were pushing out onto the track. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was the equipment we needed to play soccer, football, four-square, and Frisbee.
    One of the big yellow buckets was left on the track, and I had a strong urge to go and kick it.
"Can we go kick the bucket?" I asked Lily without realizing what it meant.
"Oh my god, Silver, you want to go die?!" she asked me in disbelief.
    I tried to tell her that I meant to literally go kick the yellow bucket on the track, but I was laughing to hard to do that. Lily, on the other hand, was really irritated, and she gave me a lecture on why I shouldn't commit suicide for the rest of the class period. I kept trying to tell her that I literally meant 'kick the bucket', but she misinterpreted me, and took that to mean that I literally wanted to die.

I AM NOT SUICIDAL! Just so you know. You should have been there with us, it really was hilarious!
From Lily-I knew she didn't want to die! I was just trying to annoy her. And it worked!


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