Hey!  Its the final chapter of this story!  Don't worry!  I ave another story coming up.  Hope you like this last chapter.  I know its kind of rushed but I need to finish this story. 
~Ice Cream Out!

  Chapter 6
Caroline stared at the window. Her mom was dropping her off at Liane's house.  She clasped the chain on her neck tightly.  The necklace was supposed to help her keep control of her transformation.  What if she couldn't?  As if reading her thoughts,  her mother reassured her, "Don't worry honey.  I had many of the same dilemmas as you. The necklace won't fail you."  Caroline was still worried though.  Even if she kept control of her transformation she would still be covered in lots of fur.  It wasn't like she could spend the night in Liane's bathroom so none of the girls would see her.  She finally arrived and nervously stepped out of the car with her sleeping bag in one hand and an overnight bag in the other.  Her mom went in with her an began stirring a conversation with Liane's mother about lasagna while she trailed to Liane's room where twelve other girls where waiting.  Liane squealed with delight.  "OMG you made it!  I knew my best friend wouldn't blow off my party!  She sighed and sat down on a pillow after wishing Liane a happy birthday.  Later on more girls arrived and everyone was gossiping, painting nails, and stuffing their faces with twinkies. Later after the pizza arrived, the girls all went down to the basement.  Although, she had three slices of pizza on her plate, she couldn't eat; they were watching a movie about werewolves haunting a town  filled with troublesome teenagers.  She was relieved when the movie was over, but it  wasn't for long when she noticed what time it was.  "Its pretty late Liane."  She said.  The girls all laughed.  She had expected this.  No one goes to bed at 11:30 when you are at a sleepover.  But what could she do?  At midnight her transformation would begin!  She faked getting sick and Liane's mom took her to the guest room.  "Its ok dear.  You can see them in the morning again."  Caroline felt relieved.  However, she hadn't noticed that her necklace had accidentley slipped off when she was in the basement!  

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