Hey this is Ice Cream and I have chapter 2 for you.  Kylie goes to high school and then she meets the most popular girl in school...Kylie Stewart!  Lily and I had this idea at the exact same time!  She was like Kylie sounds like the name of a popular girl cause we were discussing characters and then she said it wasn't like we could have two Kylies; we then thought it would be cool to have a mean Kylie who didn't like Kylie Ellis because they had the same name!  She also thought of lots of things that could happen!  Well, I hope you like chapter 2!

Chapter 2
  Kylie nervously held her schedule.  This school was so big.  Her school was a small school with grades K-12 and one class per grade.  This was a high school that was probably 5x as big!  Maybe she would be lucky enough to make at least a few friends and no enemies.  She finally found her homeroom, J108:Mrs. Winky Proctor.  When she stepped inside the class a short middle-aged lady smiled warmly at her.  "You must be Kylie Ellis.  I'm Mrs. Proctor your homeroom teacher.  Why don't you go sit next to Kylie Stewart.  I'm sure you two will be great friends."  She motioned Kylie to an empty desk in the third row to the left of a pretty, blonde, and loud girl, surrounded by a large group of other kids.  Kylie walked towards her desk and said a loud, proud, and totally Southern sounding, "Hello!"  Kylie Stewart made no sudden sound or movement, neither did her friends.  They simply stared weirdly at her.  She continued on in a shaky voice, "I'm Kylie Ellis." 

2/26/2011 09:51:16 pm

That's sounds exactly how a popular girl would be to a newbie!
P.S Instead of putting Shruti all the time, can I put Shru, my nickname?

2/27/2011 02:52:14 am

Sure, Shruti. Ice Cream- if she's nervous, why is she all loud and proud? And you should have said her old school, not her school. But good job! Your chapters are REALLY short, though.

3/3/2011 05:18:12 pm

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