Its me, Fluffy! This is my first story everyone. I hope all of you like it. Also, I thank Lily and Silver for editing it so that the story won't end up in an ocean of grammatical errors. Thanks you guys!               

                                                                       Chapter 1: Surprise Attack
                 Blurriness shoots down my pupils. I have to get up! Where am I? What's going on? I have to know! Help me! I think with shock. I can't believe I survived that huge fire, though my pain and aching body shows and tells me that I have. It all started yesterday morning, as usual, I woke up at 7:00 in the morning, and I looked like a zombie. I could see that horrible look on my face that only get when nobody is around, I call it my zombie look. It scares me so much. Anyway, I quickly got ready and headed downstairs. Yesterday was the first day of school, so I wore my new favorite dark blue jeans with a gray and white striped tank top that had sparkles with a cropped gray shirt. I looked amazing! Well, that was what I thought. When I went downstairs, I saw m little brother, Nick. He was going to 4th grade, and looked like an angel, but was a devil in disguise. I was going to 9th grade though! Yes, I was a freshman, but I still had some senior friends that wouldn't pick on ME on Freshman Fridays.  
                "Come on sis! It's 7:45, you'll miss the bus if you keep on day dreaming! Why do you have to be such a nugget head!" Nick shouted across the room, obviously in a rush. 
                "All right! I'll be there!" I skipped across the room. "I can't wait!" I shout, grabbing the jelly smeared sandwich Nick made me. "See you later Nick, be safe!" I sing to my brother.   
                "Okay sis, now run! You'll miss the bus if you don't!" He responds back to me with joy of the "first day of school" spirit in his voice.
                "Come on! catch up Sarah!" Jane, my best friend for life, calls out to me. Suddenly, I hear a huge explosion sound. I turn around to take a look. I see that someone had attacked our house! 

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