Here's the second chapter, everyone- enjoy!
   Trya squatted down next to her slightly loony friend. Lye had waist-length, light brown hair and a slightly pointed face. She had wide hazel eyes, a tiny, pert, nose, and a mouth that seemed way too small for all the words that streamed out of it. Her delicate features made her seem quiet and soft-spoken, but Trya knew better. Lye had hearing like a bat, but there was a strange thing about her. Trya had never seen her ears. Once, she'd playfully flipped Lye's hair, but Lye had shrieked and pulled away, covering her ears. Trya was so scared she hadn't pressed any further. Also, Lye turned green very often- not just when she was sick- when she blushed, too.
    Lye kept her eyes averted from Trya for a while. Not that Trya was ugly- in fact, she was far from it. Trya had narrow but intense green eyes, wavy, almost curly, red hair, a light sprinkling of freckles across her ski-sklope nose, and a heart shaped mouth- not at all unpleasant. Lye was just so startled. Ever since Trya had developed a strange little obsession for all things fantasy, Lye had been a bit scared. Did Trya suspect, or- god forbid- know the truth? She had almost figured out a few times- that time she'd almost seen her long, pointy ears, for instance. And that time when Lye couldn't resist turning all the dandelions into pansies, just for fun. Trya had almost  seen her whisper a few ancient words, and the grass was dotted with purple.
    Trya decided to try to break the sudden ice.
    "So, Lye, what do we put in it?"
Lye jumped, scraping her trowel against the side of the hole and releasing a flurry of brown specks. "Oh.. um, first we need the letter."
    The two girls had decided to try to catch a glimpse of some elves. Lye had taken charge, ordering this and that, a special letter to the elves, some wildflower seeds, an engraved plaque, and all manner of other things. Lye had decided to bury the plastic tube enclosing the letter and plant flowers over it, then place a sign over it notifying the elves what it was for. It wasn't a trap, as Lye kept insisting, it was a tribute. According to her, elves were too smart to fall for tricks.
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