Hi everyone. To whoever enjoys this story, sorry I haven't wrote in so long. Discouraged. :( To make up for it, I wrote two chapters while waiting for my mom to pick me up from dance on Friday. Enjoy! (I hope.) I'll write more soon.

    Ch. 4
    Lye stared up ate the stars from her bamboo bed. Her nature themed room was an attempt to remind her of the forest where she had been born. It was filled with eco-friendly furniture and overgrown plants, plus a huge skylight provided her with the most possible natural light. But tonight, Lye barely saw her room. She was worried- would her plan work?
    Trya was so excited, she couldn't keep her eyes closed. When would the elves see their tribute? What would they think of it? I'll just go to the window and peek at it, she thought. Trya rolled out of her bed, ducking under the soft blue canopy. She walked to the window and almost had a heart attack. Someone was standing at their tribute.
    She slipped out the door. Taking extra effort so that her fUggs wouldn't snap twigs or rustle leaves, Trya made her way to the edge of the woods. The slim, shadowy, figure turned- and Trya gasped as she saw it's delicate, pointed, ears. But when she saw it's surprised hazel eyes and mouth open in a surprised "O", Trya let out a startled cry. Lye was holding the glass tube and a shovel. Suddenly, the faint moonlight faded and Trya felt herself falling.

Ch 5.
    Trya's lashes fluttered open. All she could see was a white haze. She blinked furiously, and Lye's frightened face came into focus. The previous events filtered back into her foggy mind. Trya turned away. Ughh, she thought. A rare migraine was visiting her. Why hadn't Lye told her the truth? She would have understood. Understood and helped her.
    Hot tears pooled behind Lye's eyes once more as Trya turned away form her. Lye had gone on autopilot when her best friend collapsed. In a burst of unusual strength, she had half-dragged, half-carried Trya home. There,s he had phoned her parents and tearfully spilled the complete story. The doctor had made a house visit, which frightened Lye so much she almost lost her dinner. His verdict was positive, but Lye still felt terrible and had sat over Trya all night.
    "Tri, I can explain. Please." Her words hung in the air as Trya closed her eyes and buried her face in the Pillowpet© Lye had given her. Then she changed her mind and put it in a different pillow.
    " I only told one other person before. She freaked, and we had to move. I still remember that look on her face. It was so.. scared, and.. condescending, and I just-"

    Oh my, that was a lot of typing. I hope you liked it. Finally, I made something exciting happen. Please comment!

3/21/2011 12:26:51 am

Wow Lily, this is great! How old are you??!!??

3/22/2011 10:42:16 am

Thanks Kate! I'm 13. I'm so happy now!


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