I'm so tired right now that I might fall asleep in the middle of this. I wanted to get this chapter up anyway. If no one comments on it, (I mean more than one person) I might stop writing it though, because I feel kind of discouraged. If you want the rest of it.. you know what to do.

    Trya helped Lye cover the tube-enclosed letter in soil. They worked in tepid silence until Lye cleared her throat.
    "We should, uhh.. plant the flowers now."
    "Ya think?", Trya gasped sarcastically. The hole was three-quarters full. She flicked a bit of mud off of her sleeve. It landed on Lye's nose, who went cross-eyed and threw a weed at Trya. The two girls both started cracking up.
    Lye patted the moist, fluffy soil down. She relaxed- the moment of fear had passed. "Plaque!" she barked, trying to hide the shake of relief in her voice.
    "Yes, sir!" Trya mockingly saluted her, then bowed, bending almost double, and handing her the beautifully engraved plaque. Trya's dad had engraved the richly colored cherry wood in his workshop. Lye rolled her eyes, jabbing the sharp stake into the freshly dug earth. "We're do-one!" she trilled.
    "Chill, Maria!" Trya was making a reference to The Sound of Music. Lye didn't mind, it was like a compliment. That was her favorite movie.

    Sorry if that was boring. You see, I write these in my spare bits of time at school on 5 x 8 index cards, so they're kind of short. But don't worry, I'll have lots more chapters if you guys comment!

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