Hi, it's Lily. I'm happy to tell you that I got a new scanner/copy machine/printer, and you can guess what that means! More paper dolls, right! Well, almost. I just need to get Photoshop on my other computer and then I'm good to go. I could use iPhoto on my mom's MacBook, but she won't let me touch it. (Just because I put one computer into a coma doesn't mean I'll do that to all of them!) I'll work on it, but I think I prefer Photoshop. I'm going to try some magnetic paper dolls. RLC, who has Paper Thin Personas, has a really good post on them.
    My second bit of news is that I'm making an app for Silent Moonstone! I doubt it will be anything fancy, as I'm making it with a free thingie. But it will be cool to have an app, and you'll know when we post something new. The logo will look something like the below, but better. Paint is not my favorite drawing program. Well, I have to do work now. so bye!

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