Hi everyone, it's Lily! I'm SOOO excited that Harry Potter is tomorrow! Well, technically day after tomorrow, but we're going to the midnight showing. (12.01- eee!) Oh, by the way. Icy and I are Briticizing ourselves. Like saying "mum" insterad of "mom", even though we don't call our moms either, and 12.01 instead of 12:01. So, tomorrow Ice and our other friend- who I've mentioned so much I should give a temporary alias- are coming to my house. The last post details all of this, but I want to say it again. And btw, her temporary alias will be- Nimrod! Ooh, there was this king named Nimrod in a book by Nancy Farmer. We will be making tutorials and posting them on the site. I wish we'd done this before, but I guess you can dress up like we are for another showing, or maybe a costume party. (Idea!) If you're going, tell us about it in the comments! Or.. I've got anotehr
7/15/2011 12:05:47 pm

Wow went to HP movie as well for release show and enjoyed with the crowd and lot of HP characters. Did you all go as well?



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