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Okay, here it is. Why Twilight can't hold a candle to Harry Potter.     
     What stares us in the face is that Harry Potter is simply much better written. Nobody has ever told J.K. Rowling that she "can't write worth a darn. J.K. Rowling has a clear plot and theme, which has certainly worked it's magic. Even though Twilight fans might argue that she used typical magical creatures, they're familiar to us. J. K. Rowling doesn't change age-old legends to fit teenage girls' fantasies.    
     Harry Potter appeals to people from all walks of life. Everyone can find a character or a bit of Harry that reflects themselves. But Bella? The only thing we have in common is... When it comes to character traits, nothing at all. She can only relate to angsty teenage girls. Now, if a boy read Twilight I'd have to question him.    
    Stephenie Meyer creates much too perfect characters. How can someone have immortality, beauty, intelligence, strength, SPARKLE, and on top of that, some random talent that doesn't make any sense? Then she has the nerve to try and call this a burden. Harry and the other have their inescapable flaws just like all of us.    
    THE NAMES. Seriously, I have never heard half the names she uses before. Hermione, Albus, Argus, Aberforth, Alastor, Minerva, Filius, Sybil, Severus, Neville, the list goes on and on. How can you not love that? And what do you have to compare it to? Bella, Alice, Jasper, Edward, Jacob. Good job, Steph. Way to be creative.  
       J.K. Rowling is much more creative. Latin words make up some of her spells, Diagon Alley came from the word "diagonally," Erised is desire backwards, etc. For proof that she's more successful, you need only know that she is wealthier than the queen of England. Stephenie Meyer? I think not.   
       Harry Potter has a freakin' THEME PARK, for crying out loud! What does Twilight have for a theme park? Rain and sparkly granite vampires? Also, there are bands named for Harry Potter. Bella and the Sparkly Freaks does not work.
    Furthermore, look at some of Twihards' arguments. One or two are better, but all along the same lines of this garbage…1) Harry Potter is too dorky, how can girls even like him? (I refuse to give any meaningful comment.)
2) Vampires are hotter. (Shows how shallow they are.) 3) Sirius Black copied Jacob Black. (JACOB copied Sirius!)
4) Vampires don't have to go to school to learn their powers unlike wizards. (Which just shows that wizards are all the more powerful because they actually HAVE something to learn.)
5) The box sets for Twilight look better than the Harry Potter box sets. (Uh, not true and WHO CARES!)
6)The twilight logo is prettier. (Last time I checked, Twilight was a book! Not true- it looks weak and shallow, just like Bella. Harry Harry Potter's fonts can be downloaded, and look way cooler.)
7) Twilight-> light means good, good means pure and that means Jesus! Harry Potter-> means hairy which encourages bad hygiene and his last name tells you to be a pothead!  (This is pitifully stupid and ridiculous.)
8) Stephanie Meyer is prettier, more famous, and More Creative. (J.K. Rowling is known in many different countries. I don't see anyone taking the time to translate Stephenie Meyer's junk. J.K. Rowling is prettier if it matters, which it doesn't. Again, talking about the BOOK!)
9) Its easier to relate to Bella than Harry. (Shows what kind of life you lead!)
10) twilight is more addicting, its takes too many books to get to the main point in Harry Potter, and all they do is fly around on broomsticks and kill people with wands. ( I have read both series, unlike most Twihards. All Bella does is obsess over Edward.)
    Most Twilight fans haven't even read Harry Potter. They claim it is boring, which shows their IQ and attention span.
    Read below, nosy Twihard who couldn't listen to a word I said. And I shouldn't be seeing any comments from you, because you weren't supposed to read this.
Most Twilight fans have been brainwashed, so it's all right. I was too, in 6th grade. Once I was asked which was better and I actually considered them equally. I shall never forgive myself for that . :D Twilight's not that bad, to be truthful, but sometimes Twihards are so annoying we want to one-up them.

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