7/31/2011 13:00:33


    Hi, I've been a bad girl too. Did you see the new site theme? My doing! I hope you like the new font, I finally figured out how to change them. I have to copy my hard drive to get Photoshop again, so that will take a while. But I'm working on a doll, and I'll have more drawn to put up soon. I am working on the app, kind of, and will have it ready soon. I'll have a new contest soon, and the prize will be a sneak peek of the new app. I'm going to go on vacay for a while soon, but I'll try to tweet.   Even though we're going to high school, the site will be the same, don't worry. I have to go now, maybe more later.
                                                                                   -Lily out,  ☮!
7/31/2011 16:59:40

I like the font but it is kind of hard to read.

8/8/2011 09:22:06

By the way, you should visit my friend's blog, Joyfully Capturing Creativity. She's an amateur photographer, and yesterday she took a whole bunch of pictures of me. She posted a few on her blog in her latest post. If you really want to see what I look like, (I never usually curl my hair) then that's it. It's a neat blog, anyway. She's so talented!


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