Hey everyone! Lily here. I'm sorry I've had no time to post- I have several classes and I'm either going to them or practicing for them. My grandparents are here, and we've been traveling a lot too. Well, if you're bored, open Google Chrome and play with the voice and image searches. The voice search is good for practicing your British accent, which is what I use it for. :D Harry Potter in 8 days! I'm really excited, Icy and our other friend are coming to my house. We'll have a party, and do Hogwarts themed nail art and make fake scars. Here's how you make a fake scar:
    Mix together flour, water, and dark red coloring. I use this dark red powder which looks really cool. Just eyeball equal amounts of flour and water, as for the coloring that depends on your skin tone. Put the mixture into a pastry or plastic bag, and cut a hole. Squeeze a lightning shape fairly high on the right side of your forehead. Or use a paintbrush or toothpick for better control. Let it dry, and enjoy your somewhat realistic scar! Make sure to wash your face after, as the flour won't rub off.
    We're going at midnight, which is really cool. Please tell us about what you're planning to do for Harry Potter! I hope we can make a webshow, and we'll put up pictures of our scars and nails. Ooh, we could talk in British accents. I'm getting really good from years of Harry Potter movies and British books. British people use different words too, like "got" instead of "have." i.ed. I've got a pony! (not)
I'm a bit hyper, I ate plain Nutella. Sooo good. Well, bye, I've got to go to a class soon. HP 4ever!

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