Thanks to Kate!!!!!!!!!  She entered my contest for the summertime poem so here it is, enjoy guys!

Twisting green spears of grass

Through my fingers, intertwining

And contemplating on

The joys of Summer

Well, firstly, there is

The fact in which

Knowing I've no papers due

A great lovely burden is lifted

Secondly, I acknowledge

That when the blist'ring heat

Affects me and I am near to fainting

I can simply dip in the water, and be refreshed

Thirdly, joyously,

Is the happy times with companions

The memories I shall laugh upon and treasure

As a grand-and-great mother.

Fourthly, and lastly,

That when the leaves drift from their perches

On old oaks and sycamores,

That I shall love and treasure

Summer even more.

Awesome right?
~Ice Cream

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