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Sorry to disappoint, everyone, no doll. I do, however, have something for you to look at until I do get one up. So, I saw this adorable portrait of Hermione Granger on deviantART, and wanted to draw one of my own. This is what I came up with. I'm planning on doing a much better one soon, I drew this in drama while being bored out of my mind. Here she is! It's so convenient to color things on the computer, but I kind of have to relearn it each time. I'll get better. I am also drawing Ginny, I may put that up too. I like how Hermione came out.. oh, whoops. I just realized I forgot to color her lips. I will not go back through that process again, so use your imagination. Okay, I have to finish my homework, bye!


Hehe. Nice title, right? This is Charlie, and she's my real-life doll. And my first doll that I've colored on the computer. I think she came out quite nicely, right? You might notice that she has a bikini like Massie does in Dial L for Loser, the sixth Clique book. I think the dresses are a little simple, but- hey, I'm in eighth grade, okay?!
Please comment, I want to know what you think. Also vote in the poll at the side, please!

Edit: Forgot to mention, do you like how often I'm posting dolls now? I'll try to keep doing so during break.


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Hey, everyone. Lily here. Here's the long-awaited paper doll that I drew for Kate. Her clothes are fashionable 1920s type, and here she is! I'm sorry that it doesn't look like the adorable dresses Kate sent me. There's a slideshow of them below, you can see what the original dresses looked like. Kate, I hope you like this! Or you won't, which is what I expect. I have to go to sleep, my mom's been whisper-shouting at me for the past hour. Bye!

  Oh my lord, I am sorry, everyone! (Oh my  lord? I have no idea where that came from! LOL!) For the past few weeks, every time I pick up a pencil and try to draw,I've been interrupted or whatever I draw doesn't come out right. Marina isn't exactly how I imagined her, but I really needed to get something up, don't you think? Just click below to see it, I messed it up in Photoshop and it looks really bad as a thumbnail. She's the daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, and her name is Marina Jackson. If anyone wants to print it, email me and I'll make you a PDF. I have to go sleep, but expect a nice long post on Monday.

Marina Jackson
Hi everyone, it's- who else? Lily. I'm having trouble scanning the dolls- I have one done, but my scanner is being weird. When I scan something out of my sketchpad, there's lots of white space. When I crop that out, the whole picture gets really small, and I don't want to tear pages out of my sketchpad. I will figure this out ASAP, and I don't want you all to leave... Please, please bear with me. I do this all for you. :O) (That nose was actually an accident! I'll leave it there..)
Hi, everyone, it's Lily. I've been experimenting with coloring on the computer, and this is what I got. I've been having trouble with the BPelt filter, so this was produced by a very slow method of selecting and filling. Don't ask about the line on the top of her head- I'll tell you. I messed up while outlining her with pen, okay?! So, I guess that's all to say about her. Do you think I should color stuff on the computer more often, or not at all? Tell me!

Click for PDF version! :)
Hi everybody,

Fluffy here and I'm so happy because this is my first paper doll post! Can you believe it? Anyway, it took me forever, I know, I'm a horrible artist! Don't blame me, never mind, you have to! What do you think of my first doll, comment and tell me because I'm planning to draw once more only if no one is disturbed by this.

Thank you,
Fluffy Puppy

P.S. Lily told me that she likes the red and blue dresses, what do you think?

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I finally colored this doll- here it is. I spent just about the whole day trying to get the tabs onto another layer and figuring out Photoshop. I also figured out how to link the dolls to PDFs, which is what I did with this one. It'll be much easier to print them now. Enjoy! I also asked RLC, who runs the paper doll blog Paper Thin Personas how to color things on the computer, and she told me how, so I'll be doing that soon. I'll also try to make a dress up game with this doll. The rest of the moonstones are coming over tomorrow, so look forward to some special stuff!

    Okay, everyone it's eight in the morning on Tuesday. Don't ask. Here's my newest doll. I just did the tabs with Photoshop. Oh, to put the wings on, you glue the tips of the tabs together and slip it over her head. Or feet. Whichever you like. Sorry, only three dresses, and one of them came out weird (yellow). Silver suggested the poofiness of the petal skirt (Wow. So unlike her.)

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    Finally, the Lily Evans doll! I know I said I'd post yesterday, but I wasn't feeling well. Here she is- I haven't got the hang of enhancing color yet, so you can see all my bad coloring. (The purple thing is a dressing gown.) If I get a more color-enhanced version, I promise I will post it. Hope you like it!
                                                           -Lily (Alabaster, not Evans!)

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