Okay, everyone it's eight in the morning on Tuesday. Don't ask. Here's my newest doll. I just did the tabs with Photoshop. Oh, to put the wings on, you glue the tips of the tabs together and slip it over her head. Or feet. Whichever you like. Sorry, only three dresses, and one of them came out weird (yellow). Silver suggested the poofiness of the petal skirt (Wow. So unlike her.)

Click for larger image.
2/15/2011 11:17:29 pm

Those yellow & green wings are very pretty. I love the dress with the petal skirt, it looks like she slipped right into a flower while getting dressed one morning.

2/16/2011 11:42:20 am

The petal skirt is lovely and the yellow dress is so bright and sunny.

2/17/2011 05:31:37 am

Thanks, Corissia and RLC! I do like how the wings came out- even though I didn't get them to blend very smoothly. I didn't plan to have the petal dress so poofy, but Silver suggested that, and I'm glad she did. I didn't think of the yellow dress as sunny before, but now I don't hate it as much. :)


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