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Hey, everyone. Lily here. Here's the long-awaited paper doll that I drew for Kate. Her clothes are fashionable 1920s type, and here she is! I'm sorry that it doesn't look like the adorable dresses Kate sent me. There's a slideshow of them below, you can see what the original dresses looked like. Kate, I hope you like this! Or you won't, which is what I expect. I have to go to sleep, my mom's been whisper-shouting at me for the past hour. Bye!

Kate (From Blue Jasmine)
4/5/2011 23:12:57

Wow Lily! I really love this doll, and I'm not just saying that because. I especially love the middle gown. Be proud, these are beautiful!

4/6/2011 09:28:04

Oh, wow, thanks Kate! I didn't think they were that good. :)


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