Ah, Halloween. The only time of the year when you can trample people's lawns and proceed to demand candy and they won't call the police.
    I'm just kidding; I don't have such a cynical view of Halloween. Silver's rubbing off on me. Gasp! Must shower. (JK, Silvey.) How about my view from a literary perspective?
    A red leaf dances to the ground as we pass by, dressed as anything from witches to geishas. The four of us swing our bags happily, listening to the sound of candy shaking inside them. As we stroll to the next street, we see a mismatched bunch- a butterfly, a zombie, a boy (presumably) with dark robes and a scream mask, a pirate. Who could be hiding behind thi-
    I'm done. That was terrible. I was a witch! I had a black cardigan and a black tunic and jeans. I also had a witch hat and red lipstick. The lipstick creeped me out.
    I should be finishing something right now. I'll post more later. Bye!

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