Oh, the things I come up with to replace "sorry."
    I feel like most bloggers have been neglecting their blogs lately. Not that it's their fault, I understand completely. <sigh>And I don't even have excuses left for why I don't draw or write or post. I hope to get some stuff done over Thanksgiving. I have a project to do, but it's a very creative project, so I'll have fun with it. I'll explain more about it later.     So, all I've been thinking about lately is something Icy, Nimrod, and I are going to do over winter break. I'm super excited, as it's my first time, and we're all going on vacation together. I won't say exactly what we're doing until near the time we live; I don't want to jinx it. I'm going to be doing a travel journal during vacay, to practice a bit of photography and creative writing. I'm thinking about putting it under a separate page, not on here.
    I've noticed that whenever we post, about a hundred people visit. That's super, and I'll try to post more often now.
    So the project is to read a college-level book and produce an academic response to it. (You'll be surprised what's college-level these days. I read Out of the Dust in sixth grade, and there it was on the list.) I'm doing a scrapbook of the symbolism in A Tale of Two Cities. The book is a little hard to understand, and really long, but I like it. I have this really great idea for it- I'll show pics after it's graded.
    Oh my god, all I want to talk about is that thing, but I can't! I keep talking about it to Nimrod and she probably thinks I'm a nut, but Icy will understand. She's coming over on Thanksgiving with Nimrod, so we'll try to make a video then.
    I don't have a phone yet. :( Well, technically, I had one before any other Moonstone did, but I "lost" the charger because it was so... ugh. But when I do get a phone, it's going to be like the awesomest (NEOLOGISM!) ever.
    Uhh... that's all. I have a headache. Idk why.. it's only 10:42, and I slept in. I woke up at 6.
    I hope you've guessed, but- Lily out! War!

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