When I was smaller, we got this photo album. It is orange and has NOSTALGIA on the cover. There is an illustration of a woman on the cover. I used to think the woman's name was Nostalgia.
    Ah, little me. I was such an interesting kid.
    So, anyway, I was looking through some of our old posts and I felt so sad. Now we're older, and bad kids now, and yeah. We're not together anymore- it's so SAD! I used to force them to talk about the website and Fluffy would sigh loudly and obviously and I'd slap/lecture her.
    Now we have so much work that we barely get time to post. Even ME. I'm being such a hypocrite.
    Well, I added an archives thing because I was getting tired of scrolling and pressing "previous posts."
Here are some of my favorites for you to read again:

Our First Post Ever!
 No. I'm sooo tired and not done with homework yet.

Watch this: Interview with a one-year old

`Oh, it's me.
                    -Lily out. REBELLION OF THE MAGICAL RABBITS!

(I know it sounds like something Icy would say, but it's a short story, and an allegory too at that. :))
(Those aren't double chins.)

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