I know its been ages since I posted.  Sorry dudes.  Today I had to stay home sick. :(  Yesterday I was feeling awful around 11:30 but I stayed in school anyway.  I got home and I went to the doctor.  So my headache, fever, stomachache, and many other symptoms are gone now, but I still have strep throat and have to miss school. 
Yea I know it sounds kind of ridiculous to be complaining about missing school, but there is so much makeup work, especially now we're in high school.  Terrible timing too.  I have 3 quizzes today which I have to make up before the holiday starts next week.  Oh Joy.  Today I was pretty bored and not sleepy so I spent a bunch of time doing stuff on my phone.  My mum isn't home right now either. 
On a positive note, I am excited for Black Friday, because I need to get some new stuff.  I know not very specific, or a very convincing reason to be up at 3 in the morning, but people can be crazy.  
I downloaded a Harry Potter ringtone!  So excited! 
Again, people can be crazy, (with good reason). 
This was a pretty short post but I will be back soon, I have some studying to do. (ugh) 
~Ice Cream Out!

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