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~Ice Cream Out!
   Rachel ignored Kennedy calling her down and sat staring at herself in her vanity mirror.  Anyone else would kill for the fancy party her parents were throwing for her.  She had refused angrily when last month, her parents began discussing plans for her party again.

   She had reluctantly put on the forest green gown her parents had chosen for her a couple of weeks back.  She traced the golden trim of her dress and sighed.

   Why must they put me through this Miriam?   She bit her lip.  Miriam.  She would have dragged Rachel out and force her to have a good time.  But then again, she wouldn’t be in this situation if Miriam weren’t gone. 

   She stared at her soulless self in the mirror again.  Her hair had been professionally done for the evening.  That evening she didn’t want to celebrate.  Kennedy and Amanda came bustling through the door, followed by Rachel’s mom. 

“Rachel, please all these people are here for you.” Her mother began again, still trying to convince her to join the party.  She opened the velvet box in her arms, revealing a golden tiara, sparkling with the glistening emeralds.  It was breathtakingly beautiful, but it didn’t change how she felt about the party. 

“Miriam picked it out for you, she knew you would love this green.” She stated. 

That made things worse for Rachel.  There was no way she could have a party , after Miriam’s sudden departure. 

  “Oh Rachel, its been 8 months.  Please be alright.” Her mother began soothing her, stroking her hair and cradling her teenage daughter. 

“I’m fine.” Was Rachel’s cold and untruthful reply.  Kennedy and Amanda were still in awe of the amazing crown.  Rachel stood up and plopped on her bed. 

“Oh, please don’t cry,” Amanda pleaded, “It’ll totally run the mascara, I spent almost an hour doing.” Kennedy angrily nudged her. 

“Come on Rach, take your mind off of… certain things.  Its not everyday you get a totally awesome sweet sixteen party.” Kennedy tried. 

Rachel mustered a smile with fake enthusiasm and agreed to accompany her friends to the party.  They insisted she wear the elegant tiara, so she did, but not for them, for Miriam. 

She found herself descending down the marble staircase to the main hall, where the party was being held.  To her immense embarrassment, they all cheered wildly and applauded for the birthday girl. 

She tried to stir up conversation with Dana and Melody, two girls who wouldn’t be considered friends, but lately had taken a sympathetic attitude toward Rachel. 

Unfortunately, William, Miriam’s old boyfriend took to dancing with quite a few girls, including Rachel.  Wouldn’t it be an insult to Miriam if he danced with her sister?

She stepped outside to take a stroll in their lovely garden, but found herself alone on the patio.  Finally some quiet.  The air was particularly chilly, so she wrapped herself in her soft white shrug. 

Quickly though, her grandma Maddie stepped onto the patio uninvited to join Rachel.   Obviously Maddie could tell Rachel wanted to be alone, but she took to talking to her granddaughter instead. 

Maddie finally broke the silence. 

“Still upset about Miriam aren’t you?  I was a bit shocked about her sudden death, but I had a feeling Miriam knew what was coming soon.  I think we all knew it it our hearts, but we didn’t want to admit it to ourselves.”

Rachel remained in silence and Maddie waited patiently. 

“No one seems to care, they all just…” she couldn’t string together any words to talk about the touchy subject, but Maddie understood.

“You’re very deep you know, which is why it hurts you more, but she wouldn’t have wanted it this way.”  Maddie replied, “Miriam was very brave, that’s why she chose the crown early on, she had a feeling she wasn’t going to be here, even if she didn't le .”  Rachel shook her head, “No.” Maddie lifted Rachel’s chin. “Look up dear, its all written in the stars.” 

Rachel brushed away a tear, “I don’t know what you mean.” Maddie smiled warmly, “she’s not here but she always will be, dear, she would want you to enjoy this party she spent so much time planning.” 

 “Miriam is here, with us, you can’t see her, but both of us know she is.” Maddie told her tenderly.  “She’s not gone.” 

At that moment, Maddie left the patio to Rachel, who stood all alone. But, not truly alone.  She stared up at the stars, and that instant, felt a warm gentle breeze brush past her.  She removed her shrug to let the gentle breeze touch her skin. 

Perhaps it would have been good for her to go in, and as if right on cue, her parents and friends approached her. 

“Oh dearie, we’re so sorry, we should have been more sensitive, are you alright dear?” her father looked at her with deep concern. 

Rachel looked outside to see the bright stars for the last time that night.  She smiled at the night sky, to acknowledge Miriam. 

She nodded. “I’m fine.” And for the first time in the past few months, she actually meant it. 
The end. Sorry it was so cheesy!

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