I'll still be doing away to L.A, but I'll be writing a couple of stories on the weirdest family you'll ever meet!  To think about it, they are so weird, you will probably never meet anyone like them.  Silver gave me a few ideas for the basics.  I've changed a few things though. Some stories, will feature weird songs I wrote so keep your eyes open.  
~Ice Cream Out!

The Swruartenmeyers 
Pedder- dad who plays the jaw harp in the family band.  His occupation is an ice cream truck driver.
Octavia- mom who plays the didgeridoo in band.  She works as a bear tamer in a Russian circus.  Sometimes, she will go to Russia for a month with her troop. 
Bobert and Boberta- 12 year old twins, Bobert looks up to his older brother and dad for inspiration. Boberta is a unique individual and is considered weird in school, and easily the most peculiar member of her family.  They both play electric ukuleles in the family band.  They hang out lot with their older brother. 
Billiam- 13 years old, considered a weirdo, but he is the smartest member of his family.  He aspires to be a mad scientist and is either with his siblings spying on their neighbors, ding dong ditching, and running around scaring small children by dressing up as vampires with big glasses who go boo! and do the Oogie-boogie or he is alone in his room performing crazy experiments.  He has no real friends although this doesn't appear to bother him.  He plays a harp in the band.  
Tobias- Meet the most normal member of this wackjob group, the family's singing toad,  who is also the lead sing in the band.  He is actually quite lazy and spends the day sitting on the couch eating potato chips watching Spanish soap operas. 
Follow these five freaks and their pet as they through daily life, they'll make you rethink abnormal!

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