Hi guys, Silver here! This is Kate's contest prize; Congratulations, Kate! As per her request, this is a poem about a Dinosaur that falls in love with a Strawberry Man... Hence the title, "Love is Truly Blind!". Nonetheless, it was extremely fun to write! Here you go:

Love is Truly Blind
She was large and brown,
And often felt down,
This lovely dinosaur lady.
He was small and red,
And not quite right in the head,
This crazy strawberry man.
So it was set,
That one day they met,
And became such good friends.
After many years,
They began to feel dear,
So fell in love they did.
This is a tale,
That never grows stale,
Of the strawberry man and his bride.
2/23/2012 09:42:41 pm


2/25/2012 03:25:31 am

Thanks! It means a lot to me; this is my first attempt at humorous poetry :)


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