Hello, everyone. To say I haven't written anything in forever would be an understatement. I've been focusing on Fanfiction, but it wouldn't feel write to put them here. (Not a spelling mistake- isn't it punny? :D)
    Umm... this story is based off the back of a candy box. Weird, I know. But better than nothing, right? It's the Black Heart candy company, if you're interested. I can't find the story online, or I'd link to it. In the spirit of the story, it's written in black. Can't see it? Highlight it!
    Disclaimer: Not my idea. No.
    I walked the streets with my best friend, Lorna. It was the holiday season, and we were having a fine time doing our Christmas shopping. We peered into every window we passed, a little boisterous with high spirits.
    "Amelie, come here!" Lorna called, pulling me into a candy store. We ducked in, and in the spur of the moment, decided to make a gingerbread house- from scratch. We picked up peppermint sticks and jelly leaves, gumdrops and chocolate drops. Lorna paused next to a small bin in the corner.
    "What about these?" She held up a handful of black licorice hearts.
    "No," I said, pulling her to the cash register. "Just don't."  She started to protest, but seeing the look on my face, ceased.
    After we paid for several pounds of candy, we went to our favorite coffee shop, and I told her just why the black hearts weren't a good idea.
    Years ago, when I was young girl in England, a candy store had opened in out village. The young owner, Edward, always had an array of bright confections and it was a thoroughly cheerful place. I'd stop there every day after school with my friends to look at the display in the window, and he'd often give us each a piece of his newest creation. These began to grow more and more exciting and exotic, as Edward tried to attract the attention of Angelina, a distant relative of my mother and the most sought-after girl in the village. Soon she'd also stop by every day and have a chat with us, while sneaking furtive glances at the handsome young candy maker. But fate was not kind to the shy young couple. Angelina's marriage had already been arranged, with David Greene.
    On the day of the wedding, which everyone in our town had been invited to, everyone was joyful but the bride. She seemed diminished, but only the ones who knew her best thought something wrong. Everyone else put it down to nerves. As the wedding finally ended, the mob carried Angelina and David to their new home. Everyone was looking forward to passing the candy store, which they expected to be full of the best treats imaginable to honor the wedding. They were unpleasantly surprised.
    The window was filled with nothing but black candy hearts. The door was locked, and Edward's house was empty. No one knew what to make of this, but upon close investigation of the whole village, they found a single rowboat missing. Strangely enough, its oars were untouched.
    Lorna gaped at me. "That's terrible!" she cried, squeezing my hand. "I'm so sorry!" I assured her it was all right, and we went back to the flat we shared. I glanced back at the candy store, and for a moment, it looked as if it was filled with black hearts.

    Cheery, no?  Please comment! I won't do anything more like this, it's too depressing, but I hope you enjoyed it!

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-Lily (duh)
3/4/2012 11:39:32 pm

Wow. It was dark, but not too dark to make people think you're creepy. It was intriguing. I loved it, looking forward to more (Yes, I know. A hypocrite. I'll try to post more of overwhelmed soon)!


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