Sorry, excuse my bad grammar but I was quoting a song I knew, which you probably know too.  And like in the song, we are excited for Friday because we are partying.  Only difference is that this is a dance at school and we aren't going to drive to it.  I'm sorry I've been talking about it a lot, but its kind of like a end-of-term thing so it'll be the last time for a while that we will get together with all of our classmates.  We also have talent show that day, and finals next week(ugh!).  I really want to take them this week so we can have fun for the remaining time.  I'll have a new chapter up soon, I promise.  Lily's computer is a-wall, Silver will be unable to get on for a while, and I don't know what's up with Fluffy, but hey we never know half the time anyways, right?  I've noticed we haven't had a lot of visitors in a while and that makes me a bit sad.  I hope you will stay with us during the summer though.  I know Silver is going to be gone for a while over the summer, and will most likely not be able to post, and Lily will be gone for a week or two (I think), I don't know about Fluffy, but we will have relatives over and I will be gone for a week if everything goes as planned.  So, I can assure that the site will be receiving updates on a regular basis.  Thanks for reading my babbling.  Adios amigos
~Ice Cream Out!
5/20/2011 06:53:42

Sorry I haven't been visiting in a LLLOOONNNGGG time. I will be gone in the summer but if I get a mini laptop, I might visit


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