If you don't know Tin Tin, shame on you. (jk! well, sort of). 
Anyways, Tin Tin is an awesome reporter who has all these daring adventures with his hilarious friends: his awesome dog Snowy, the crazy Captain Haddock, the hearing-impaired professor Calculus, and the foolish detectives Thompson and Thomson.  There are more characters, but these are the main ones.  Yea, I know there aren't many girls in the series, there's only one that appears regularly and she's kind of annoying, but these comics (yes they're comics) are still really good.  I'd recommend getting your hands on them.  If you can't here's the link to read them online. (About link: only books 1-24 are by the original author.) So like I said, he only made 24 comics, and the last one was never completed due to his death (Yes, very sad).  There was also a cartoon and "The Adventures of Tintin" (which is the official name), was translated into many languages.  The creator, was a Belgian man, who went by the pen name Herge. 
  The reason I'm gushing about Tin tin specifically now, is that the movie is coming out soon!  But this can't be considered the true theatrical release, as the movie was released around a month earlier in MANY countries(not fair!).  I'm truly devastated about my long wait.  I'm also sad that there's no one in school who fully appreciates Tin tin like I do, (tons of kids had never even heard of it). 
I was more upset about the fact Professor Calculus was cut out of the film.  The movie is called the secret of the unicorn, which is also the name of one of the books, and Calculus isn't in it, but the movie includes some of the other books, one in which Calculus is introduced.  I think Herge would be disappointed. Well, I'm done with my rant.
Ciao for now!
~Ice Cream Out!

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