Wow. We still don't have school. We've had the whole week off because of six inches of snow. Personally, I think the only reason we don't have school on Friday is because they won't be able to control us because we'll all be annoyed we have to go to school. Well anyway, it's not as good as an announced vacation because if we already knew, we could go somewhere, but now we have to wait to see if we have school the next day. Also, random comment- I don't really want us to have a games page, because the only games we can get are ones you can find anywhere, but maybe. Ciao for now- 
P.S. I downloaded this French word a day app on my iTouch. Today's is "la tisane"- it means herbal tea.
P.P.S. I made a case for my iTouch. Do you want me to post a tutorial on how to make your own? It'll have pictures and everything. :)
1/14/2011 03:23:41 am

The reason they shut school down today
(Friday) is because in some neighborhoods it is still icy.


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