4/7/2011 21:41:32


    Hi, it's Lily. If I put random as the title, you'd probably think it was written by Icy. So I looked up synonyms for random, and found slapdash and aimless along with other things.
    I was thinking, I might start my own paper doll blog. Not now, of course. I love Silent Moonstone, with all it's quirks, yet charming, and so wonderful. (Am I allowed to call it charming, or is that bragging?) When I'm older, and much, much more experienced with drawing, I'll probably do so.
    I was feeling a little sentimental, so here it comes. We've had this website for only three months now, and already it's a huge part of my life. It means so much to me, and I am so grateful to you all. You make me feel important by reading all my lame thoughts, and make me feel better about my drawing and writing. If you left, I would feel devastated. This website means a lot to me (again), and I can't help being bossy about it. Again, thank you so much. I <3 you all!
    My new doll will be most likely a red carpet doll. I'll work on her soon, and try to have her up tomorrow. I have a ton of LA homework. (Mean teacher. :()
    I am done typing now, so bye!
Kate (From Blue Jasmine)
4/8/2011 06:55:13

Hi Lily! Wow, that wasn't sentimental at all. In fact, I think it was actually rather brave, to put that up there for the world to see. But in a good way. I really like Silent Moonstone, but when you do get your own blog I'll visit both. I think that even though you've only had Silent Moonstone for a short time, it becomes an enormous part of life. Same with me, for Blue Jasmine. Having a blog, and such a great one, at that, will be something you can look back on when you're about to die and smile back on it, smile back on the memories you've made that will never fade from your mind. Wow,I sound like a book. IDEA! Hmm. . .. Anyway, good luck! And also, I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog.


4/8/2011 08:04:17

Aww, thanks Kate. I don't think I'll be getting my own blog soon, and even if I do I would only have paper dolls. Everything else would be here. I enjoy reading Silent Moonstone too, (I'm not the only person who writes on it.) and I love reading Blue Jasmine too. A blog does become a huge part of your life, because all the weird things that happen to you make me think, "Now, how am I going to phrase this on the blog?" It's like a an addiction. But a good one. And I look forward to looking back (Is that an oxymoron?) on this in the future. And that sounds like an.. interesting book. "The Life of A Blog". Hmm..

Ice Cream
4/10/2011 14:54:52

That was a nice message and why did you call me Icy?


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