Hi everyone, it's Lily. My computer is in a coma (think postitive!), and is not awake yet. I'm very sad, as it is the only one in the house with CS3. :( I won't be posting for a while, but I think this is a valid excuse. (No, Fluffy, you can't use it!) Anyway, I wanted to announce that we now have a search engine! It is powered by JRank, which doesn't put any ads on your site! I wanted to put up a search engine before, but all the ones I found could only be bought or put ads on the page. I recommend JRank if you are looking for a search engine for your site. The only problem is that it says "powered by JRank" below the engine, but it's a small price to pay, right? It's on the homepage right now, but I'll consider putting one on every page later. Or at least some more pages. It won't be working for a while, though, the crawler isn't ready yet. (Not the right terminology, sorry.) Anyway, I hope this helps you navigate our site! Bye!

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